EcoFlow is no stranger to crowdfunding campaigns. Its first product, the River Power Station and Solar Generator ($599), raised over $1 million on Indiegogo. Now the company, which was started in 2016 by several former DJI engineers, has launched another Indiegogo campaign for its second product: the River Bank Portable Power System. It’s a modular system of power banks, with the primary power bank, the Main Module ($199), being a two-pound portable charger with enough juice to charge a laptop twice over. It has two USB-A and two USB-C ports, a 10-watt Qi surface that can fast-charge any of the new iPhone or Android smartphones, and comes with an LED screen to indicate how much power it has left.

For more power, two separate modules can be attached to the Main Module. The Car Jumper module ($99) adds enough power to jump a car up to ten times. And the AC module ($148) adds an AC jack, as its name suggests, in case you want to charge more heavy duty equipment. (Only one module can be attached to the Main Module at a time.) All in all, the system offers a total capacity of up to 51,200mAh in a four-pound charger. And you can buy a separate solar charging accessory ($299) to charge it all.

The real kicker to EcoFlow’s new River Bank system is that all three modules are less than 100 watt-hours each, meaning that, according to the company, it’s the largest capacity power bank system that you can legally fly with. Not only is this a great portable tool for travel photographers or videographers, but you can actually carry it on a flight without the FAA giving you a hard time.

The EcoFlow River Bank system is currently in its crowdfunding phase and it’s already reached many times its goal. You can check out its Indigogo page, here. The devices are expected to ship this summer or fall.

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