Samsung just announced a new desktop monitor — the Space Monitor — that looks pretty fantastic. It has an innovative design that allows it to take up as little space on your desk as possible. Or rather, it takes up basically zero desk space. The idea is that it’ll help clear up clutter, keep you organized and, ultimately, help you work more productively.

The Space Monitor doesn’t have a traditional base that rests on top of your desk but instead has a clamp that holds onto the side. The same way a wall-mounted TV is designed to rest flush against the wall, so too does the Space Monitor. (Although it still needs a desk to hold onto.) While resting against the wall, its screen raised or lowered all the way down to the desk’s level. And it has a movable arm that lets you pull the screen out and titled in a number of ways. Basically, you can adjust the screen so get exactly the right viewing angle for you.

This arm is also used to house the cables, clearing up clutter and desk space. Unlike other desktop monitors, like the LG UltraFine 4K Displays that we use in our office, Samsung’s newest monitors don’t have base, so you have more area to place things like your keyboard, mouse, laptop or laptop stand, or any other of your desktop accessories.

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Not only does the form fact of the Space Monitor help keep everything clean and nice, but it also opens up more desk space for everything else. Samsung claims that the design “reduces dead space occupied by existing monitors by 93-percent and increases desk space by 40-percent.

The Space Monitor will come in in two models: a 27-inch model with QHD resolution and a 32-inch model with 4K UHD resolution. You can order both on Amazon right now although they won’t ship until February 23. The 27-inch model costs $400, while the 32-inch model costs $500.