Until now, almost all water bottles are constructed of either metal or plastic, but the just-announced Keego is, somehow, both. Even though it’s made with 99.8-percent titanium, the Keego flexes and squeezes like those green Gatorade bottles that are the signature of every sideline from high school to the pros.

Metal bottles keep liquids free of harmful plastic chemicals like BPA and typically don’t take on the flavors of anything they hold, but unlike plastic containers, they can be cumbersome and require the use of two hands to remove a lid. The Keego bottle brings the best qualities of both — health and squeezability — in one ergonomic and athletic package. The Keego weighs 4.9 ounces and fits inside a bicycle’s water bottle cage.

But how does titanium become elastic in the first place? Because the makers of Keego, which include those who build parts for particle accelerators, are still waiting on a patent for the process, that answer is still forthcoming. Thankfully though, the bottle isn’t; it’s funding right now on Kickstarter, beginning today.

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