E-bikes are are increasing in popularity faster than cities’ and trail systems’ ability to cope with them, and despite that, the bikes themselves haven’t made the same leaps. E-bikes are often clunky machines that pit the “e” factor as more of a last-step add-on than a fundamental design element. Batteries and motors disrupt the timeless design of the bicycle; plus, they’re heavy.

Some companies are catching on though, like Cowboy. The start-up has built the first e-bike to fully realize the capabilities that integrated tech can offer. At the core of any e-bike is a battery — Cowboy conceals its 252 WH, key-secured fuel cell in the seatpost, leaving the rest of the frame svelte and uncluttered. The battery can be charged in 2.5 hours, and riders will know exactly when that needs to happen thanks to a convenient display integrated into the top tube. The battery is also small and lightweight (about 3.75 pounds), making it easy to carry for those wary of theft.

The Cowboy bike is pedal-assist, which means the motor will only kick in when the rider is pedaling. The drivetrain uses a carbon belt instead of the classic chain, allowing for easy maintenance. The brake cables are routed internally through the frame, and front and rear lights have also been incorporated. More notable though, is that while nearly every e-bike weighs in at around 50 pounds, the Cowboy is just 35.

No e-anything would be complete if it didn’t come with a Bluetooth-enabled app, and the Cowboy’s provides the most utility of any e-bike available. Basic and predictable functions such as a display showing speed, distance and duration are enabled with the app, but there’s also built-in navigation, light controls, and a “Find My Bike” feature that can also be used to declare it stolen.

The Cowboy bike is available for ~$2,136.

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