There are a ton of Qi-wireless chargers to choose from, and Anker has always made some of our favorites. The charging accessory company has now released two more, a stand and a pad, as part of its new PowerWave series. Both output up to 10 watts of power, meaning they’re able to fast charge your new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or Phone X, and any of the new Android smartphones as well.

The real selling point of Anker’s new PowerWave series is that both the pad and stand have an advanced cooling system. There’s a fan in each wireless charger that physically cools their charging coils, allowing the chargers to charge the latest iPhones, according to Anker, about one hour quicker than other wireless chargers on the market; instead of four hours, it takes three hours of charge time to get it back to full power.

Both the PowerWave charging stand and pad come with Anker’s Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger, which goes for $16 by itself. As far as price, the PowerWave stand and pad are selling at $50 and $46, respectively, but Anker is offering some pretty good deals for their release. If there’s a downside to the new PowerWave stand and pad it’s that they’re only available in white and they need a micro-USB cable to charge.

If you buy one PowerWave 7.5W Pad, you can get 15-percent off using the code POWER752. And if you buy two, you can get 20-percent off using the code POWER753.

The same deal applies with the PowerWave 7.5W Stand — use the POWER752 code when buying one to get 15-percent off, and use the POWER753 code when buying two to get 20-percent off.


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