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Hyundai says the Le Fil Rouge concept starts a new era for the brand’s design while keeping a strong link to its past. The automaker said all future Hyundai models will be based on the Le Fil Rouge theme, which is French for common thread.

“[The design] is so seamless it looks like the vehicle was drawn with one single line,” Sang-yup Lee, Hyundai’s head of styling, said while introducing the concept at the auto show here.

Hyundai said that the Le Fil Rouge theme is a reinterpretation of the design language that originated in 1974 with the brand’s Hyundai Coupe Concept.

The new theme creates a proportional character based on the so-called “golden ratio” – a common mathematical ratio found in nature – that enabled Hyundai designers to create an aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking composition.

The front and the rear pillars as well as the roof are blended into the overarching silhouette of the car. Proportional uniqueness is achieved through a long wheelbase, large wheels and short overhangs, which make the 4500mm car look bigger.

Hyundai calls this theme will be extended to all future Hyundai vehicles. The goal of this new theme is to bring instinctive beauty, creating emotional value and desirability in Hyundai vehicles, the automaker said in release.

When asked whether Le Fil Rouge shows Hyundai’s intention to move the brand upscale Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, vice president marketing and product at Hyundai Europe, said that was not the case. He said Le Fil Rouge features such as the cascading grille will appear in the brand’s production cars very soon.

Hyundai concept starts new design era for brand” originally appeared in Automotive News on 3/7/2018

By Andrea Malan, Automotive News