With an output of more than 10 million products, Honda is the largest engine manufacturer in the world. Aside from its automotive and motorcycle divisions, Honda builds engines for lawnmowers, generators, airplanes, and boats. Most of the time these divisions run independently, but occasionally some traits or designs will bleed over across the divisions, like with this Acura NSX-inspired Honda Marine engine concept.

Style isn’t always on the forefront of an engine designer’s mind. Most of the time, an engine isn’t designed to be beautiful – it’s designed to burn fuel in order to make power and torque to occasionally move an object from point A to point B. This new Honda isn’t slated for production, so the engineers were given a chance to inject some style and substance into the design. What better vehicle to take styling cues from than the NSX?

Obviously, the Nouvelle Blue Pearl color comes straight from the NSX paint booth in Ohio. Some of the other elements are a bit more subtle. The lights have been shaped like the NSX’s exhaust pipe, while heat ducts feature a black honeycomb design like the car’s air intakes. The “floating winged blade” is the most obvious styling element. Its design was inspired by the NSX’s overall shape. Honda didn’t provide any specs on this concept design, which is also not a hybrid.

The concept engine debuted today at the 2017 Miami Boat Show. It’s the centerpiece of a display that shows a series of new marine engines from Honda. We’re just waiting for a boat that skips the middleman and just uses the twin-turbo hybrid V6 straight from the NSX.

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