When you think “multi-tool,” an image of a pocketable item containing a knife, pliers, screwdrivers and any number of additional tools comes to mind. The Combar reimagines that definition — it’s decidedly big and is equipped with only three tools: a hammer, an ax and a spade.

The Combar was recently announced via Kickstarter by a new company called ACLIMB, which spent years engineering the design to be as light as possible — the bar-like tool weighs 3.2 pounds — without sacrificing the utility of a single tool. The steel hammer is designed for railing stakes into the ground or prepping rudimentary shelters, the stainless steel ax can trim branches and split wood, and the titanium spade can dig trenches and remove debris with its unique shape.

The Combar also houses a magazine in its handle that can be used for storing small items like keys, a lighter, another tool (maybe a Leatherman?) or whatever your survival kit consists of. The magazine can also be swapped out for ACLIMB’s folding survival knife and saw, which are sold with the Combar for an additional price and bring the tool count up to five. There are also a holster and case available to build out the tool’s functionality further.

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