Early 2000s BMWs seem to be having a moment. The E39 M5, for example, has seen growing prices and received heaps of praise; it’s considered a benchmark for the fast executive sedan. Meanwhile, many enthusiasts herald the E46 M3 as the best of the breed. Then we have the Z3 M Coupe, aka the “Clownshoe,” a fast, fixed-head version of the Z3 Roadster that was once considered an oddity but is now heralded as a modern classic.

Point being, if you’re looking for the next thing in car collecting, this era of BMW is worth paying attention to. We should definitely be paying attention to the Z4 M Coupe, arguably one of the greatest forgotten gems in the brand’s history. Made between 2006 and 2008, the Z4 M added a swooping fixed roof to the Z4’s chassis and made use of the naturally-aspirated S54 straight-six used in the E34 M3. It’s a rare car, with fewer than 2,000 examples brought to the United States.

The car has more than rarity going for it, though. That engine produced 333 horsepower, and the car was only available with a six-speed manual. Better still, that fixed roof didn’t just make the car look pretty — though it did do wonders for the otherwise controversial Chris Bangle-penned details — it also improved torsional rigidity, thus aiding in handling. And despite being a modern car, take a look inside the cockpit and you see… very little of anything. It’s a pure, beautiful, two-door coupe compiled from the best parts BMW had available at the time.

That’s pretty much the perfect recipe for a future classic, which is why it’s worth sizing these things up when they come on the market – admittedly a rare opportunity. But hey, Bring a Trailer has a 2008 example, in silver, with a red leather interior with just over 57,000 miles on the clock. This example is stock; it has a repainted bumper, but appears clean and maintained otherwise. As of writing, bidding sits at $8,500 with a few days left, so it’s reasonable to think this one won’t escalate too much in price.

According to Bring a Trailer’s chart of Z4 M Coupe values, previous cars have sold somewhere in the low to high twenties. That’s not necessarily an incredible bargain, but it’s not unreasonable to believe this one will begin to appreciate at some point.