Last year we interviewed Jeff Taylor, the director of photography at Lonelyleap, who spoke glowingly about his anamorphic lens and its terrific lens flares. Today, smartphone accessory maker Moment announced its Filmmaker Collection that features its own anamorphic lens accessory. We can’t expect the results to be as good as Taylor’s anamorphic lens, but it’s still exciting for videographers.

Moment’s Filmmaker Collection — which launched on Kickstarter earlier today — is compatible with the latest iPhone, Galaxy and Pixel devices. Like its previous lens, the anamorphic lens locks onto one of Moment’s phone cases and slips over the smartphone camera. According to Moment’s Kickstarter page, the 1.33x anamorphic lens brings the organic look and character of 2:40:1 Cinemascope to your smartphone. It allows smartphone videographers the ability to capture super wide-angle images with the inherent shallow depth of field of a telephoto lens. Plus, they can get vintage-looking, horizontal lens flares like the ones seen in today’s films. The early bird offer on the Moment’s anamorphic lens is $99. It’ll cost $150 when it ships in June.

Moment’s Filmmaker Collection features several other smartphone accessories. There’s a counterweight for gimbals, a battery phone case, and a lens filter mount that lets you attach a standard 62mm filter to any of Moment’s existing lenses. The entire collection ships in June and if you back the project now, you can save a good sum of dough. Check out the full details on their Kickstarter page.

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