We briefly covered the Fitbit Ace fitness tracker when it was announced in March alongside the Fitbit Versa smartwatch ($200). It’s been a few months, but the Fitbit Ace is finally available for purchase today. The Fitbit Ace costs $100 and is specifically designed for kids (8 years and up). It tracks metrics like steps, active minutes and sleep, and it’s basically identical in design to the Fitbit Altra ($130). It also has a five-day battery life and is water-resistant enough to wear in the shower.

The coolest thing about the Fitbit Ace is, if you’re a parent who wears any of Fitbit’s other smartwatches or fitness trackers, you can set up a family account in the Fitbit app and compete with your kids to see whose been more active. Basically, it adds another way to connect and compete with everybody in the family — and, for you, it’s another chance to prove that you’re better more active than your son or daughter.

The Fitbit Ace isn’t the same as an “adult” fitness tracker as it allows for more parental control. Its push notifications — which are meant to encourage the wearer to get up, be active and achieve their daily fitness goals — can be turned off so that kids don’t go wild when they see a “get up and be active” notification in the middle of the school day. Also, if they have a smartphone, the Ace will display call and text notifications.

The Fitbit Ace costs $100 and can be purchased on Fitbit’s website. It’s available in two different colors, electric blue and power purple.

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