If you’ve ever had to jump-start a car, you know it can be frustrating — fumbling with cables, lugging a battery around or lining up another vehicle just right, so the cables reach. The Pocket Jump Starter and Power Bank by ToughTested takes the clumsiness and frustration out of jump-starting your car and even lets you charge your phone.

The Pocket Jump Starter and Power Bank has a capacity of 5400 milli-Ampere-hours, meaning it can fully charge a phone three times or jump a car 10 times on each lifecycle. The whole package includes the jumper cables themselves, but because the Power Bank can just as easily be positioned in safe place, close your dead battery, the ridiculous task of stretching the cables to the point they’re barely touching the nodes is no more. On top of that, the Power Bank has an integrated flashlight along with standard USB and USB-C ports.

When it comes to tools or gadgets you keep in your car on a regular basis, size is critical. Sure, you may only end up using a jump starter and cables once or twice a year, at that, but when you need them, you’ll be glad you have them. However, if it’s a permanent fixture in your car and takes up valuable cargo space — then it becomes an inconvenience 98 percent of the time. Think of all the extra gear you can pack in your trunk now that your jump starter is in the glove box or the armrest cubby?

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