You might expect a watch brand that’s been around for over a century to be a bit dated, so to speak — but not so for Panerai. The iconic watchmaker has been around since 1860, and yet one look at the innovative materials the brand is using today and you’d half-expect it to be from the future. Take Carbotech for example, which is made from carbon fibers compressed into thin sheets for even greater strength and resilience; or Goldtech’s copper-rich alloy enriched with platinum to prevent oxidation. Each of the three watches below is not only an iconic design but an incredibly precise and well-crafted instrument — the fact that they look like works of art for your wrist only heightens the appeal. Take a look at our top three picks below.

Submersible Carbotech – 42mm

A testament to the brand’s innovative materials, the uneven, matte black appearance of the Carbotech case on Panerai’s Submersible Carbotech varies according to how the material is cut, meaning not only is each watch extremely lightweight and scratch resistant — it’s also one-of-a-kind. Add to that a black dial with protruding Blue Super-Luminova Blocks to ensure visibility under all lighting conditions — even in complete darkness or underwater — and you’ve got yourself a timepiece you can trust.

BUY NOW: $17,400

Submersible Goldtech OroCarbo – 44mm

Panerai’s Submersible Goldtech OroCarbo is the first ever to combine Goldtech and Carbotech — two of the watch brand’s most innovative materials — for a design that feels both elegant and athletic on the wrist. The copper-rich gold alloy is bolstered with platinum to prevent oxidation while the Carbotech bezel protects the crystal without adding excess weight. Finally, at 44mm, this model stands out as a rare style that makes a bold statement.

BUY NOW: $30,000

Submersible Azzurro – 42mm

Designed to merge technical performance with elegance and proven reliability, the opaque, marine blue ceramic bezel of Panerai’s new Submersible Azzurro is a reminder that it was built for the sea. The 42mm watch is waterproof down to 300 meters, with interchangeable black rubber and Sportech velcro straps. Best of all, this model is an online exclusive limited to 500 pieces in total — making it a perfect timepiece to add to your collection.

BUY NOW: $9,800

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