When a knifemaker launches a new collection of blades, there are typically one or two that rise above a crowded field of semi-standard folders and fixed blades. Earlier this week though, KnifeNews revealed that Kizer Cutlery has three new pocket knives in the works, and each one is unique and quite design-forward.

The first of the knives is the Yorkie, a plain-edge folder designed by Ray Laconico. Laconico is known for clean and simple designs, and it’s apparent in the Yorkie. The knife is a frame-lock pocket knife with a flipper tab that’s built with S35VN stainless steel in a spear point. The Yorkie has no fancy gimmicks or adornments other than a single skeletonized circle in the handle that creates an especially artistic profile.

The second in the new group is the Söze, a dagger-style knife designed by Elijah Isham. The Söze has a 3.6-inch blade that comes to a needle point. The shape of the blade is mirrored in the knife’s handle, which provides a markedly futuristic look. At 3.6 ounces, the Söze is also very lightweight and like the Yorkie, is a frame-locking flipper.

The last, and perhaps most interesting, is the Audaz. The Audaz represents a conscious move to get past the titanium frame lock mechanism found in many flipper-style pocket knives. In this case, the blade is deployed through the rotational movement and locking of the handle.

Each one of Kizer’s new knives, which are all still currently in production, places a foundational emphasis on unique design elements that stray toward unwarranted without crossing the line. On the contrary, the utilitarian elements are all maintained so that each knife is practical enough to take on everyday tasks.

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