When we think duffel, we think cavernous, throw-over-the-shoulder, gone-for-weeks bags. North St. Bags has different ideas for the duffel though — it designed its Scout collection for short and fast trips and everyday use. The line features three bags in 6.9-, 15- and 30-liter sizes. Each bag has all the traits of a classic duffel: a barrel shape, full-length zipper, handles and a shoulder strap. The 6.9- and 15-liter Scout Duffels also allow for bike-specific add-ons that let you use them as a stand-in for a basket.

North St. has maintained the Scout series in its offering for a while now, but this year it upgraded the entire line with X-Pac sailcloth fabrics, which are lightweight, super durable and, most importantly for an everyday bag, waterproof. It’s a smart upgrade that makes the Scout bags even better suited to everyday use. The material was first developed for use on racing sailboats, so chances are it’ll handle a bike ride around town with ease.

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