Triple Aught Design’s newest collaboration product, the MP Service Boot, has a long history. Low service boots, made with heavy-duty leather and lugged rubber soles, were standard issue for the soldiers and airmen fighting in World War II. TAD’s collaborator, White’s Boots, goes back even further than that to its founding in West Virginia in 1853.

The new MP Service Boot may be more lifestyle than battle-ready, but it’s still handmade from custom specifications with the finest materials available. The bootmakers at White’s combine Horween leather with a Vibram rubber sole using a goodyear welt so that if the sole does get worn out, it can be replaced. White’s can also outfit a well-worn pair of boots with new insoles, midsoles, heels, toe leather and freshly-shaped arches. Essentially, you’ll have these boots forever.

TAD has updated White’s MP Service design with a new triple-stitched toe cap, gunmetal eyelets and an embossed logo on the boot’s upper ankle. It’s available in either black or brown leather and is the type of boot that you can dress up on the weekend and take to work come Monday (whether that means going to an office or laboring in the dirt.

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