Getting excited about a pair of socks is a stretch. But while most athletic styles are unremarkable, California-based Jungmaven just made some crew socks that are far from ordinary. The Town and Country socks are knit from a hemp-and-organic-cotton blend and feature vintage-inspired stripes in green, blue and yellow. Though the throwback style is familiar, the fabric sets these socks apart.

The majority-hemp blend showcases the attributes of the oft-misunderstood fiber. Ideal for socks, hemp fabric is anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking and breathable. Naturally resistant to mold and mildew, it is incredibly durable and only gets softer with wear. On top of that, hemp is also a crop that isn’t detrimental to the environment — it requires no irrigation, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or GMO seeds. Also, it’s a phyto-remediative plant, meaning it restores balance to environments by cleaning soil, air and water.

A pair of these socks will set you back $18, a decent amount for a single set. But if you buy a three-pack, you can save over $3 a pair. While definitely not bargain-bin socks, the Town and Country socks are good looking, loaded with performance attributes and far more eco-conscious choice than conventional-cotton styles — and that’s well worth the price.