There are few things as pleasurable after a long day (or, to be frank, in the middle of one) than a glass of bourbon. And few things start a long day better than a strong cup of fine coffee. Combine the two and you’ve got out attention.

Stillhouse, purveyors of whiskeys that live in stainless-steel jerrycan-style tins, has released their Black Bourbon, a barrel-aged spirit that spends time resting in coffee beans before it’s bottled. The can is true Stillhouse in shape, and, of course, black and white. We’re guessing it’ll make a perfect camping companion and a top-rate gift. Either way, Black Bourbon, which Stillhouse says has “coffee and caramel” notes “with a distinctly balanced body and remarkably smooth finish” is bound to be unique.

The 15 Best Bourbons

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