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Any Porsche fan knows the 911 GT2 RS is the ultimate Porsche when it comes to outright speed and lap times, even more so than the GT3 RS. The 991 generation hasn’t been given the treatment from Porsche’s GT team yet, but EVO Magazine got a chance to ride along in a prototype version where GT head Andreas Preuninger divulged some exciting details about the homologation racer.

Powertrain-wise we’re looking at a heavily revised version of the 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged engine found in the current Turbo S, making greater than 641 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque in its new form. To crank this extra twist from the already potent power plant Porsche added larger turbos, increased the boost pressure, used new engine internals and threw on a titanium exhaust to boot. 

The coolest addition has got to be a new water sprayed intercooler system like the one BMW utilized on the M4 GTS. Unfortunately, this great cooling system needs to be refilled with water after three times around the Nurburgring, not exactly ideal when you’re trying to set consecutive hot laps.

Preuninger left no questions on the table when it came to the transmission; this RS car will only be available with the seven-speed PDK. The torque output from the turbo engine is too much for the manual to handle.

Less than 3,300 pounds is the aim for this car, and Porsche will be offering a Weissach package reminiscent of the 918 to drop another 66 pounds or so. Magnesium wheels, a titanium cage and carbon fiber roof all contribute to what will probably be a wildly expensive box to check.

The whole suspension is essentially the same thing 911 Cup cars run around with. Spring rates are double that of the GT3 up front, and close to it in the rear. Clearly this car won’t be too comfortable on the road, but its purpose is to set fast lap times. Michelin Sport Cup 2s are expected to allow for a Nurburgring time under seven minutes, but sub-seven minute laps appear to be the norm these days.

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