Audi is busy bolstering its SUV lineup with entirely new models, but more importantly, it’s slotting in S-level performance version as well, like the new SQ2. Normally, crossovers don’t move the needle as far as excitement goes, but the smallest ones are transforming into what equates to lifted hot hatchbacks.

Audi revealed the SQ2 ahead of this year’s Paris Motor Show and announced it’ll be powered by the same turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder from the S3 and Volkswagen Golf R. That means the little SUV will have 296 horsepower and 295 lb-ft to play with when it does 0-62 mph runs in 4.8 seconds. Here’s hoping the RS Q2 gets the 362 hp five-cylinder screamer from the RS3 sedan sooner rather than later

Crossovers land in a weird place in every automaker’s lineup — they’re very clearly meant to fill the gap between the full-sized SUVs and sedans. The result, historically, always seems to be an awkwardly shaped and proportion vehicle with equally sub-par handling. Brands like Audi seem to be getting a better handle on what crossovers should look like, and it’s not a mini SUV, but a just a big hatchback with a little lift. Granted, the SQ2 is lower by almost an inch compared the standard Q2; it still sits taller than your average hatchback.

There’s no word yet on pricing or whether we’ll even get the SQ2 here in the states. Even with America’s affinity for crossovers and any car slightly resembling an SUV, the smallest of the bunch seem to stay on European shores. To be honest, we need another crossover over here like we need another fake exhaust hole in a bumper, but it’d be interesting to see how these little crossovers are evolving first hand.