This weekend is The Quail Motorcycle Gathering, where Ducati will celebrate the Monster turning 25 years old. The motorcycle is arguably the most iconic Ducati of the modern era — it’s a founding father of the ‘naked sports bike’ segment after all. Not only that, but the Monster is Ducati’s most successful bike to date, with over 250,000 having rolled out of the factory in Borgo Panigale, Italy since 1993. We’ve been lucky enough to ride each of the newest iterations of the Monster family — the 1200, 821 and 797. Read the reviews below.

2017 Monster 1200

The Monster is Ducati’s 911. There may be some Ducati die-hards that will go on rants about the design tweaks or electronics, but the 2017 Monster 1200 is a milestone for Ducati, one that will be celebrated as the next step forward. — Bryan Campbell

2018 Monster 821

The 821 certainly isn’t a paradigm shift in the Monster universe, but what it gets right is bringin upper-echelon sportbike technology within the grasp of new riders — or riders not interested in spending nearly $18,000 for what should be standard on any modern sport bike. — Bryan Campbell

2017 Monster 797

In true Ducati fashion, the Monster 797 will have you yearning for the twistiest patches of tarmac you can find. I loved the last-generation Monster 1200S but this one, the 797, the Bambino, may have taken its place in my heart. — Matt Nuendorf

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