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At this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi ripped the sheet off its e-Evolution Concept. Unlike the Mitsu Evo of yore, the e-Evolution Concept doesn’t have a turbocharged I4 and doesn’t have a trunk lid. Just because the latest Mitsu concept shares the Evo’s name doesn’t mean that it has to share any of its bones. The e-Evolution Concept points the name, and the brand, into the new era of electrification and crossover domination.

Powering the electrified crossover is a three-motor system that drinks juice from a floor-mounted high-capacity battery. The floor-mounted batteries are close to the middle of the car, which should help it handle more like its namesake than a run-of-the-mill crossover.

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The e-Evolution concept does have an all-wheel-drive system that borrows some familiar acronyms from its internal-combustion forefather like AYC, which stands for Active Yaw Control. Only now it seems like two of the electric motors dictate where power is going, opposed to sophisticated differentials. Mitsu’s Super All-Wheel Control all-wheel-drive system (S-AWC) also joins the list of returning acronyms.

While there isn’t a two-step system built into the e-Evolution, there is an artificial intelligence system that apparently “augments the driver’s capabilities.” The e-Evolution can sense what the driver wants and shift power places to make sure what the driver wants to happen actually happens.

It’s hard to say if this hyper-styled crossover will transform into a production trim, but it’s a good sign that Mitsu is thinking heavily about electrification. This could be the jolt Mitsubishi needs to get back to the forefront of enthusiast’s minds.