Last week, Bugatti delivered the 100th Chiron to a customer in Middle East. The hyper-insane hypercar company will build only 500 Chirons total, and each costs several million dollars. But, if you build a Chiron yourself it’ll only cost you 350 bucks, thanks to the wizards at LEGO Technic. Technic is a series of more complex — or, you know, technical — sets from the building-block manufacturer; its previous automotive models include a Porsche GT2 RS ($300). But what’s most impressive is that these are in many ways actual, working models.

The LEGO Technic Chiron’s W16 engine features pistons that move; inside the cockpit are paddle shifters that click and clack; the rear wing is adjustable, as in the actual car; in the storage compartment, you can place custom Bugatti luggage. At 22 inches long, the 5,599-piece model is certainly not a build to be taken lightly. And, truthfully, I wager you’ll actually have more fun owning this one than the real thing. (Though if you do own one, please email me.)

Read our review of the Chiron here — “it spins the world beneath its tires.”

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