Outdoor gear is everywhere. In 2016 the outdoor industry, now a measured segment of the United States’ GDP, contributed $373.7 billion to the economy. Considering that, it’s no surprise that The North Face has become as popular in urban centers as it is at Everest Base Camp and that gear stores can be found in trendy urban neighborhoods like Manhattan’s SoHo. It shouldn’t be surprising either then, that some brands not typically associated with camping and hiking are taking note, and creating new products that align with the burgeoning culture.

Adidas is the latest to join that list — its new Atric Collection is decidedly outdoorsy. Adidas has already been producing rugged hiking shoes and boots, but those products are outdoor-dedicated with a hint of street style, the Atric Collection is just the opposite. Among the new products is a range of different sneakers designed with knit uppers, but there’s also a jacket and backpack that look like they could’ve been unearthed from a trunk in your grandfather’s off-grid cabin.

Another piece, the Atric Pants, takes design cues directly from the National Outdoor Leadership School’s iconic and retro wind pants. As a whole, the collection represents the continuing blurring of the line between outdoor gear and urban apparel.

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