Whether your marathon training has begun for the fall, or you’re just trying to survive walking around the block without fainting, staying hydrated is critical. The simplest way to do that is to invest in an easy-to-carry water bottle. Ultimate Direction designs hydration packs and handheld water bottles to keep everyone from the pros (Scott Jurek is a fan) to the novice hydrated. While you can hold any of our top water bottles on a run, finding one that is built specifically for active individuals is vital.

If you’re hiking or trail running, the ultra vests will store all your gear, in addition to holding water, but when you’re looking for something simpler, the EDC Handheld water bottles are the way to go. Look for a bottle that’s lightweight with a variety of bungees and crisscrosses of fabric (so that there are different options to hold the bottle), or else you’ll get frustrated and want to leave it on the trail. Many of the bottles have room for your keys, credit card and phone, so everything is together. Pick up a flask or backpack today for 25 percent off at JackRabbit.

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