We’ve already been privy to the upcoming 2019 Ford Ranger’s awesome off-roading prowess. Now, we have confirmation that the mid-size truck will be an ultimate on-road hauler as well.

Ford claims that, compared to its V6-powered rivals, the Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Colorado, the new Ranger will boast the best maximum towing and payload capacity of the bunch, despite its being down two cylinders. The Ranger will be powered by a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder EcoBoost engine making 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. Its claimed max towing and max payload capacities are 7,500 pounds with an available towing package and 1,860 pounds, respectively. Aside from the strong engine, Ford attributes these numbers to the brand’s 10-speed transmission, plus “a high-strength steel frame and solid rear axle with Hotchkiss suspension.”

This is a pretty big deal for several reasons. If it’s as good as it seems, the Ranger will cleave apart a market that’s been dominated by Toyota and Chevy for years. Given Ford’s pickup pedigree, it seems a solid bet that the Ranger will perform massively. Further, it’s proof positive that a smaller engine can do bigger things better. It’s becoming impossible to ignore that, though we all like the idea of bigger motors, if the smaller one performs better and is more efficient and economical, then why bother for any reason beyond sheer bravado?

Time will – we’ll have our first Ranger driver later this year – but it seems inevitable that the Ranger is going to be one hell of a truck.

For comparison, here are the specs all at once:

Ford Ranger
Max payload: 1,860 lbs
Max towing: 7,500 lbs

Toyota Tacoma
Max payload: 1,175 lbs
Max towing: 6,400 lbs

Chevrolet Colorado
Max payload: 1,574 lbs
Max towing: 7,000 lbs
Max towing (diesel): 7,700 lbs