Safety and Style

The First Motorcycle Helmet With a Crash Detection System

Quin will be the first brand to bring a helmet motorcycle to market with an integrated crash detection system. It uses built-in Bluetooth technology to sync with your phone through an app, where you can take calls, listen to music, navigation and use any other useful apps while riding. That’s nothing new — where the Quin helmets standout is if and when you do go down on a ride, the system automatically sends out a signal to your listed emergency contacts. And, in a less severe situation, say, running out of gas on the side of the road, you can hit the S.O.S beacon and call for help.

A helmet is unquestionably the most critical piece of gear you can wear while riding your motorcycle. Since it was introduced and made mandatory nearly the world over, there have been advances in style and design, material and structural strength, but nothing groundbreaking as far as integrated technology. Quin looks to be filling that gap and all funded from a Kickstarter that met its 100% goal in 48 hours.

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