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Replacing the Bugatti Veyron couldn’t have been an easy task — the 1,200-hp 8.0-liter W16 is a tough act for anyone to follow. So, for Bugatti’s Chiron, the company kept the foundation laid by the Veyron and made it better. For those who haven’t followed the Chiron’s’s development, the 10 or so of you out there, Bugatti squeezes nearly 1,500 hp out of its latest 8.0-liter engine.

Reddit user u/SoeppoeS spotted a Chiron’s engine outside of the car at the Brussels auto show, according to the Reddit thread. The engine, without the car, looks massive. It also looks like a packaging nightmare for the folks at Bugatti. Between the big engine block and cylinder heads, the turbocharger ducting alone probably cost an engineer his hair.

As one Redditor noted, the Chiron’s engine looks like it could have served time powering a WWII warbird. We’re thinking it’d look better in a tank.

Regardless, check out the massive mechanical marvel above.