Amid the hubbub of another company’s bluetooth speakers dropping this week, UrbanEars’s better (albeit probably pricier) speaker softly landed on their website as well. UrbanEars makes delightfully contemporary with distinctly analog vibes, and the third and smallest installment in their line of wi-fi-connected room speakers sticks with that. The Lotsen shaves inches off the length, height and depth of its bulkier predecessors (the Stammen and Baggen), making it an ideal speaker for topping the naked end table in your apartment. It doesn’t hurt that it comes in six colors (pink, orange, grey, black, green and navy) and doesn’t do too much with branding or embellishments.

It also sports the unfairly bygone volume knob, a feature that’s become nostalgic far too quickly in the face of voice-controlled everything. The Lotsen streams all standard services and is able to save up to seven unique playlists. UrbanEars does not have a firm date for the speaker’s retail availability, but it’s safe to assume if it’s on the site and ready to go, it’ll be soon.

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