With spring races just around the corner and more hours of sunshine in each day, it’s time to take your treadmill miles to the road. Each month there are a seemingly large number of new sneakers released, whether they’re updates to old versions or brand new models — and it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth buying. We’ve sifted through the noise for you; Here are all the running sneakers we’re excited about that launched this month.

Inov-8 Roclite 275

This light and speedy sneaker is ideal for rocky trails. Despite weighing just 9-ounces, the mesh upper and grippy, lugged outsole are heavy duty and won’t fall apart after 50 miles.

S/Lab Ultra 2

The S/Lab Ultra is for those on the high mileage side of trail running. At $180, it’s not an entry-level shoe, but runners in the know will recognize and put value in the name Françoise D’haene, an ultrarunner who collaborated on the design. He wore these during his record-breaking run of California’s John Muir Trail last October. Salomon’s newest trail runners will handle 50-mile trail races in stride, plus the improved fit means there’s ample room for foot swell.

Mizuno Wave Horizon 3

The newest sneaker from Mizuno is built for those who need stability on their runs. For those familiar with the Mizuno family of shoes, the midsole is the same as the Wave Enigma, Wave Rider and Wave Prophecy. For those who haven’t tried it, the foam is soft and cushioned, so you have a plush feel as soon as you step in.

Adidas Running x Game of Thrones

These unisex shoes, inspired by the television series Game of Thrones, come in six limited edition styles and colors. Expect the same great performance features the Ultraboost is known for like a cushioned feel and a grippy Continental outsole.

Skechers Go Run Razor 3 Hyper

In honor of the Los Angeles marathon (on March 24), Skechers, a title sponsor, released a new colorway of the speedy Gorun Razor. We tested a version of this sneaker and awarded it as one of the Best New Running Shoes of 2018, so we expect this version, which has only had a color update, will also help us pick up the pace and log some speedy meters.

Asics MetaRide

After a brief 20-minute treadmill run in the Asics MetaRide, we can vouch that the rocker technology makes for a seriously different feel. Heel strikers will get the most energy return as they hit the ground with their heel and feel the shoe roll forward (picture a rocking chair moving back and forth), which helps eliminate some energy output on your part.

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