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Tissot Automatic Watches on Sale
Take 50% Off: If you’re looking to jump into automatic timepieces — or if you just want to add another watch to your arsenal — you could do a lot worse than a model from Tissot. Right now, the Swiss brand’s timepieces are 50 percent off thanks to a sale at Nordstrom Rack. There are a lot of different timepieces on sale, but the ones we’re spotlighting below are all elegantly sized and versatile enough to work in a lot of different settings. And, best of all, each is under $500.— Justin Fenner

This Sale Is Your Chance to Snag a Weird Pocket Knife
Save up to $75: Massdrop is currently offering a small collection of unconventional and slightly weird pocket knives for up to 45 percent off. — Tanner Bowden

Mystery Ranch Street Zen Backpack
Save 16%: Mystery Ranch backpacks have a reputation. Hikers and hunters trust them for expeditions into deep wilderness; wildfire fighters carry them into roaring flames, members of the armed forces bring them into battle. To say that they’re “rugged” would be an understatement. But Mystery Ranch also makes bags for city life, and it just released a new one called the Street Zen, which Huckberry is currently offering for 16 percent off.

The same design standards used in its special-use packs apply to Mystery Ranch’s everyday commuters — things like overly-rugged materials and quick access pockets for items that are used often. The Street Zen has these things: it’s made of 500-denier Cordura nylon and features a closure called Speedzip that offers easy access to the backpack’s main compartment as well as a front pocket for essentials like pens, notebooks, and pocket knives. The Speed Zen looks damn good too, even when judged against more style-minded city bags.

A handful of other Mystery Ranch bags, including the Urban Assault pack and the 3-Way Briefcase, are also on sale at Huckberry. — Tanner Bowden

Knife Sharpeners
Save 50%: Chef’s Choice knife sharpeners are widely considered the best electric sharpeners a non-absurd amount of money can buy, particularly by folks who took the time to test out the competition (namely, Cook’s Illustrated and Wirecutter). The two most-recommended options — the electric Trizon XV and the manual, affordable ProntoPro — are both deeply discounted on Amazon today.
The gulf between the two prices stems from the inherent ease of use in the electric model (though the manual is probably the easiest-to-master manual sharpener out there) and the enhances precision the electric provides; precision that, per Wirecutter’s review, “brings the metal of the blade to an infinitesimally fine point rather than to the relatively coarse edge that [the manual version] produces.”
Both are well below their typical prices on Amazon today. — Will Price

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