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Every man should have a well-designed pen in his arsenal. Something personal that feels good in the hand, writes the way you want it to and provides gratification when using it.

The Bolt Action Pen from Inventery is precision-machined from raw brass stock for a tactical elegance. Its high-quality internal mechanism offers a seamless, non-hollow appearance when the trigger is clicked — unlike other bolt-action contraptions. And when released, a satisfying high-speed maneuver delivers an audible snap. The pen comes in three sizes (S, M, L) and three colors (brass, onyx, brushed) to meet any taste.

Because Inventery is offering Gear Patrol readers 20 percent off with the code GP20, you’ve got no excuse to not own an upgraded writing tool.

Lawn Care Tools
Save Up to 60%Just as the best time to buy winterwear is at the very end of winter, the best time to buy lawn care tools, per Consumer Reports is at the tail-end of summer. And though the immediate reaction is to head toward Home Depot or Lowe’s, it’s worth checking prices at your classic online mega-retailers beforehand.

Case in point: eBay has literally thousands of lawn care products listed by the manufacturer on sale — brands like DeWalt, Husqvarna, Milwaukee Tool and more. Leaf blowers, lawn mowers, edge trimmers, chainsaws and more, all with prices slashed up to 60 percent (some with 20 percent off coupon stacked on top, try code JUMPINTOFALL at checkout). — Will Price

Naked & Famous Denim
Save 15%: Not all fabrics are worthy of a nerd-like following. Denim is one of though, and if you dig beyond “blue jeans” you’ll find that it comes with an insider vocabulary. A word like selvage, (an edge that’s sewn closed to prevent unraveling — it comes from “self-edge”) is important to know if long-term quality is what you’re after. Warp and weft are a little more in the nitty-gritty, but Naked and Famous takes all of these things into account when constructing the jeans that it’s built its entire brand upon.

The company sources its denim in Japan and builds its garments in Canada — it’s made every type of jean from glow-in-the-dark to Kevlar. The Core Essentials collection, now on sale at Huckberry for 15 percent off, sticks to the core basics though, so you don’t have to overextend your vocabulary to know that you’re getting a quality pair of pants that’ll last long enough to produce that longed-for fade. — Tanner Bowden

Wolf Viceroy Winder
Save $309: While you don’t need a watch winder, its a nice accessory to have if you own multiple automatics and hate the idea of having to readjust the time and date constantly. The problem is that even winders on the more affordable end of the spectrum can cost a surprisingly large amount of money, which is why it’s always nice to see a Wolf winder on sale. This single winder features a programmable motor that lets you set the number of turns per day you like, the direction of rotation and a delayed program start — it also features a compartment to store up to three other watches. The winder’s MSRP is $499, but right now you can get it from Massdrop for just $190. — Andrew Connor

Reigning Champ Tees
Save 50%: It’s never a bad idea to invest in wardrobe basics. These staple items get the most routine wear and tend to wear out faster than other, more seasonal garments. If you haven’t refreshed your assortment of t-shirts this season, now’s a great chance. Nordstrom is offering 50 percent of two well-made styles from Reigning Champ. Made in Canada, the shirts feature flatlock-stitched seams and a slim silhouette. The Raw Edge T-shirt now costs $47 and the Jersey Henley is just $35 — that’s substantial savings. — John Zientek

Dyson V7 Car+Boat
Save $53: In the wake of Dyson’s latest and greatest, the V10, a cordless power monster that spells the end of Dyson’s foray into corded uprights, you may wonder what the point of a small handheld is — especially if it lacks a longer stick for day-to-day cleaning.

No matter how you spin it, though, the V7 Car+Boat is an excellent vacuum. It’s lightweight, perfect for quick jobs and well worth the money… just not at full price. Today, Dyson’s selling the V7 for $187. That’s more than $50 off retail and the lowest price ever for the brand’s most powerful handheld to date. — Jack Seemer

CRKT Swindle Pocket Knife
Save 45%: Deception lies at the core of CRKT’s aptly-named Swindle pocket knife. Closed, the Swindle appears to be a fairly-typical folder with a thumb stud opening. But the stud isn’t mounted to the knife’s spine; in fact, it isn’t part of the blade at all. The actual knife blade betrays conventional designs, deploying with a flipper tap from the other side to produce what CRKT describes as an “uphill curve.” The decoy stud isn’t just that either — that bit of protruding steel is an equally-unique, spring-assisted pocket clip that leaves the Swindle’s handle smooth.

Designed by revered knife maker Ken Onion, the Swindle won the award for “Most Innovative Imported Design” at the 2013 Blade Show and has continued in CRKT’s production line since. The blade is just over three inches and comes in two versions — one made of high-carbon steel, and a premium version with Sandvik stainless steel and a milled handle. Both are currently on sale at both Massdrop and Amazon — the basic for 45% off and the premium for just under 40% off. — Tanner Bowden


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