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All-Clad Non-Stick Griddle
Save 20%: Non-stick cookware is oft misunderstood. No, it cannot be your do-it-all cookware for making any dish your heart desires. In fact, its uses are relatively restricted in comparison to its stainless steel or cast iron cousins, but it is by no means without use.

Apart from the recommended fish and egg dishes that most people associate with non-stick cookware, it’s equally excellent with dishes where the flipping of the food is a make-or-break moment — most notably, quesadillas (pancakes, too). A flipping failure in another cookware type will result in a tearing of the quesadilla which will only end in sadness. The process is simple: tortilla down, ingredients in, tortilla on top, flip when ready.

The only separate issue is a lack of space, as most non-stick skillets are significantly smaller than the average stainless steel alternative. That’s where this All-Clad non-stick griddle comes into play, every bit of its 11-inch-by-11-inch size cookable and primed for easy flipping. Today, that griddle is 20 percent off on Amazon — good for a savings of $10 and its lowest price ever. — Will Price

Fall Essentials From Bonobos
Save 25%: Colder weather’s coming, and you need sweaters. Lots of ’em. While you’re at it, why not some fresh selvedge denim? Or a nice, unstructured Italian wool blazer? No matter what you’re after this fall, from calm and considered suiting to rugged-but-colorful workwear, you can find it at Bonobos’ site-wide sale. The brand is currently offering 25 percent off orders of $175 or more, and when you’re investing in a handful of quality pieces of clothing, that mark isn’t hard to hit.

Make your fall shopping count by doing it here, and walk away with more than you bargained for. — Andy Frakes

American-Made New Balance M997FGG Sneakers
Save 31%: In 1960, Massachusetts-based New Balance designed the world’s first ripple-sole running shoe. In the past half-century the brand has grown dramatically working with factories across the world to produce its iconic sneakers. While New Balance shoes produced overseas are affordable and plentiful, the brand’s flagship models are made in America.
The brand operates five shoe factories in the Northeast: three in Maine (Norridgewock, Skowhegan, and Norway), a plant in Boston and another in Lawrence, Massachusetts. While the footwear produced in these factories comes with a premium price tag, the product is well worth it. One of the brand’s iconic styles, the M977, is a prime example. At the factory, the shoe is crafted in just 22 minutes on an assembly line that is made up of around 40 stations. It features pigskin suede uppers, an Encap midsole and a durable rubber outsole.
Now at End, you can save 31 percent on the M977 in an olive drab colorway. Available in sizes 7 to 11, it now costs just $179 — not a bad price to pay for an American-made sneaker. — John Zientek

Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Save 40%: In writing a story on how to make cold brew coffee, Edward O’Hickey of specialty coffee roaster Toby’s Estate told me you could make great cold brew coffee pretty much anywhere, including a bucket.

Cold brew is an alarmingly simple and economical form of brewing. All you’re doing is grinding beans (the difference between freshly ground, freshly roasted beans and pre-ground stuff is enormous) at home or in your grocery store’s very expensive grinder, letting the grounds bathe in water for a day or so and straining the mix to remove silt or tiny coffee solids. There’s not much weighing, measuring or timing hassle involved and, according to O’Hickey, “[is] probably the easiest brew method to perfect.”

This Toddy system, which O’Hickey recommends (and I use myself), keeps it as simple as it should be; it comes with what amounts to a bucket with a hole punched in the bottom, a filter to strain the cold brew and a glass container to store it in the fridge post-brewing. The filters can be used, washed and re-used as many times as you’re comfortable with. The result of this home cold brew process is cold brew concentrate, so you’ll need to dilute it when you drink (O’Hickey recommends one-to-one with another liquid, like water or milk).

It’s also the most hands-off path to a very good cup of coffee before work and on lazy weekend mornings possible — after it’s brewed you literally just pour it over ice, add water or milk and drink. And because the Toddy system is quite a bit bigger than most cold brew contraptions, you can make enough to keep you caffeinated a couple times a day for a couple weeks.

Toddy’s system does not go on sale often, but today it’s 40 percent off on Amazon. — Will Price

Uniqlo Flannel Shirts
Save 30%: Fall is a season that calls for its own wardrobe. And while the whole lumbersexual trend may have come and gone flannels will always endure as autumn’s most functional layer. No, you don’t need to grow a beard, carry an axe or represent a paper towel company to appreciate an ultra-soft, midweight button down in a tasteful tartan pattern. Uniqlo’s, made of 100 percent cotton, are only $20 each right now. The equinox already passed but it isn’t too late to stock up, craft a canoe by hand and head to the nearest log cabin. — Tanner Bowden

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