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Stuart and Lau Weekender Duffle
Save 40%: This bag is dapper. Handsome. Maybe a bit proper, at first glance. But even if your bag looks like it has a British accent — doesn’t that umbrella holder just scream London to you? — you can still use it to haul whatever fits inside, wherever you’re going. The must-have smaller organizational pockets (inside and out) will keep your smaller bits of gear or valuables from getting mixed up with your muddy shoes, sweaty travel clothes or bundles of money you just saved. And thanks to an updated weatherproof main-body construction, plus the hardy full-grain leather straps, it’s absolutely ready to tackle more than just trips to the airport — unlike the duffle bag stylish guys of yesteryear might’ve carried.

Good luggage is an investment, and this is one bag worth investing in — but do it now, while you can still save $150 and get it in a few different colors. — Andy Frakes

Twillory Clearance Sale
Save up to 50%: Twillory just slashed the prices on its well-made, non-iron shirts by up to 50 percent, depending on how many you buy. The shirts normally go for $99, but right now you can get two for $109.99, three for $159.99 or four or more for $49.99 each. — Justin Fenner

Sedici Fuori Carbon Helmet
Save 46%:Despite being in mass market products for more than a few years now, carbon fiber, well, anything, tends to be more expensive than products made with more conventional materials. However, because the woven material is lighter and stronger than steel, investing a few extra dollars in a carbon fiber motorcycle helmet is justifiable, even if they are on the higher side of the price spectrum. Which makes the Fuori Carbon Helmet by Sedici such a tempting proposition at just $150. — Bryan Campbell

Two Well-Reviewed Sous-Vide Tools
Save $20: In the relatively small world of sous-vide cookers, there are essentially two models that are roundly recommended — the ChefSteps Joule and the Anova Culinary Precision Cooker — and both are still at Prime-Day price levels.
The Anova model is marked down more, though, and comes with recommendations from Wirecutter and Engadget (notice the Joule is runner-up on both reviews). Anova’s sous-vide tool, which usually sells for a whopping $200, is just above $100 right now.
For those who haven’t taken the plunge yet, sous-vide cooking is a method of cooking in which you place food in resealable bags (yes, they can be Ziploc) and submerge those bags in temperature-controlled, circulating water to cook. That last bit is what these tools do — circulate the water and regulate temperature. This cooking method is predominantly known for its precision and a forgiving nature — it brings the food to a specific temperature and no further, and it’s nearly impossible to overcook.
More often than not, the Anova model is recommended because of the physical controls on the tool itself (meaning you can change temperature and time on the wand) where the Joule is entirely controlled from a powerful smartphone app.
Both are on sale far below either’s lowest price to date. — Will Price

Saturdays NYC Wardrobe Essentials
Save 50%: Right now, you can save 50 percent on SS18, PS18 and Mr Porter collections from Saturdays NYC. The sale is a great opportunity to stock up on summer wardrobe essentials including tees, shorts, hoodies and more. There’s an incredible amount of inventory available and prices range from $24 to $273 (though the majority of garments cost well under $100). If you’ve been contemplating adding a few more pieces to your summer wardrobe and have some money to spare, this sale is definitely worth checking out. — John Zientek

Hemel Watches
Save Up to $67: Hemel makes military-inspired watches and has two excellent timepieces marked down on Huckberry right now. Your choices are as follows: the HFT20 chronograph and the Tracker field watch. The former is inspired by Type 20 military chronographs from the 1950s, and features a “mecha-quartz” movement from Seiko (which combines elements of both mechanical and quartz timekeeping), a stainless steel rotating bezel and a hefty 42mm. The latter is inspired by the general-issue A-11 from WWII and features an automatic Miyota movement as well as a more compact 40mm case. — Andrew Connor

Saxx Underwear Two-Pack
Save 37%: If you’re a frequent listener of podcasts, then chances are you’ve heard the phrases “life-changing” and “industry-disrupting” attached to advertisements for new products and brands. Maybe some of those even referred to underwear. Saxx does not sandwich ads within installments of Serial or S-Town, but its underwear is pretty spectacular.

The keystone feature of Saxx’s underwear is as suggestive as the brand’s name, if slightly more punny; it’s called the Ballpark Pouch, and it does exactly what you think it would. Designed with the specific contours of the male body in mind, the Ballpark Pouch prevents chafing while taking underwear comfort into new territory. It’s one of those things that sounds gimmicky, but it’s true. These drawers call for slightly more engineering than your typical boxers and briefs, so they’re somewhat more pricey (and worth it, in my opinion).

Right now though, a two-pack of Saxx’s Vibe briefs, which are made with a blend of moisture-wicking viscose fabric and spandex, cost $40 on Massdrop. Usually, these go for $32 a pair, so it’s nearly a two-for-one deal, and an opportune time to upgrade your undies. — Tanner Bowden

Alternative Apparel USA Keeper Tee
Save 64%: Right now, you can pick up the perfect gray t-shirt for just $10. The super-soft USA Keeper Tee from Alternative Apparel is 64 percent off at Nordstrom Rack and is available in sizes XS through XXL. Made in North Carolina, the tee is cut from a 4.4-ounce blend of Texan cotton and recycled polyester from South Carolina. It’s lightweight and breathable, and features a timeless silhouette — you’d be hard-pressed to find a better t-shirt for the price. — John Zientek

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