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Apple MacBook (Certified Refurbished)
Save $420: Problem. Your old MacBook is on its way out and even though you want to buy a new one, you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get a new model. If you’re an Apple guy, looking for a new MacBook or MacBook Pro, I’d check Apple’s certified refurbished section. You can get some great deals on both new and older Macs. Elsewhere, Amazon is currently having a sale on certified refurbished MacBooks. You can pick up a 2015 MacBook for as low as $780, but there are a lot of other deals on there, so check them out (here). These deals are part of Amazon’s “Deal of the Day,” so they’ll only be around for a short time longer.

Field Skillet
Save 30%: We’ve written about it and written about it and written about it again — we really like Field Company’s reliable, wieldy, affordable skillet. Like, a lot. We’ve reported it on sale before (you’d know that if you clicked those links), but at 30% off, this is the most affordable we’ve seen the already-reasonable skillet (code at checkout: skillet).

In short, Field’s skillet is an ideal combination of maneuverability (easy-gripping handle, very lightweight) and utility – you can thank a couple layers of pre-applied grapeseed oil and a surface as smooth as the stainless steel under the counter for that. It’s seasoned and non-stick out of the box, and it’s not so exorbitantly-priced as to make you baby it. It’s a cast-iron skillet, for heaven’s sake, use it.

If you’ve been wringing your hands over jumping on the old-made-new cast-iron skillet bandwagon, this is as good an opportunity as you’ll have. The Field Skillet is marked down 30%, bringing it to $70. And you get a $25 credit toward a future purchase at Huckberry, too. — Will Price

Lavatools Javelin Pro Duo Meat Thermometer
Save 33%: It’s okay that you haven’t developed the sixth sense of knowing exactly when your roast chicken is at 165 degrees, or when that rib roast hits perfect medium-rare — that’s why meat thermometers were dreamed up. Lavatools’ Javelin Pro Duo has been lauded as one of the most accurate available; it can take a read of a stabilized temperature in just two to three seconds. The Javelin Pro Duo beeps when that temperature is found, and it will hold that number on its bright LCD — which is viewable from any angle and rotates so that the numbers are always right-side-up — for several seconds. That allows you to remove the device from the food before reading the screen without affecting the final temperature readout (no more awkward head tilting).

A tool this smart is normally pricey, for meat thermometers, but right now it’s marked down 33 percent to just $30. — Tanner Bowden

AGV Helmets Closeout Sale
Save up to 60%:The riding season is upon and that means its time to take a good look at your gear and determine if it’s still road worthy — most important of which is your lid. It’s suggested you replace your helmet once every five years, but with the AGV closeout sale going on now at Revzilla you should probably just get one to switch up your style for the season ahead. Most of the helmets on sale are marked down between 20% – 60%, so why not? — Bryan Campbell

All Pendleton Apparel
Save 25%: If you’re unfamiliar with Pendleton, they’re a very, very old American maker of quality, durable apparel with some low-key Native American vibes. Popular among surfers, backpackers and Brooklynites alike, their catalog typically comes with a heftier price tag, but thanks to a nifty 25 percent off sale (use code TAKE25 at checkout) that stacks with ongoing sales, there are steals to be had. The Harding Knit Baseball Jacket is almost 70 percent off its regular price with the discount applied. Shave half the price off the hardwearing, reversible Territory Vest. A $250 heavy duty shirt jacket is $90. There’s too many choices to parse, and that’s a very, very good thing.

Pendleton’s Friends & Family sale runs until Monday. — Will Price

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