AGV announced the all-new AX-9 adventure riding helmet earlier this year and it’s finally hitting US shores. The new and improved on-road-off-road helmet has slightly gone up in weight and price over the outgoing AX-8, but AGV also ratcheted up its versatility to justify the increases.

Whether your ride finds you across nothing but pavement, entirely on dirt or an even mix of both, the AX-9 can be configured appropriately. Essentially four helmets in one, the AX-9’s visor and shield can be removed to give you the ideal setup for the ride — keep the visor and shield for adventure-touring, remove the visor to make a street helmet, or take the shield off for a dirt helmet sans visor.

To increase basic functionality and usability, AGV increased both the visor length and field of vision. The new, larger visor not only does a better job of doing what it’s supposed to but it also has a refined aerodynamic profile to reduce lift and buffeting at highway speeds. The AX-9 also one-ups the AX-8 with a better chin vent which can be open and closed from both the inside and outside of the helmet and accompanied by two more vents on the brow and two exit vents in the back for better ventilation.

If you’re looking for a multi-season, versatile motorcycle helmet, dual-sport and adventure helmets are quickly becoming the popular style. The utility and modular capabilities of helmets with removable shields and visor peaks — without sacrificing natural style — make more and more sense over a dedicated street helmet or goggles-only dirt helmet. The AX-9 is AGV’s newest entry in the space and starts at $500.