Thanks to a handful of online forums, the images of the 2019 BMW 3 Series have leaked online ahead of its official debut later this week. Screenshots from the brand’s configurator show there’s a significant redesign at the front and rear with a handful of tech upgrades for the interior.

Starting at the front, the new 3 Series is much more sculpted than the outgoing model. The headlights take on a similar style to the 5 Series; their inside edge takes up more space on the kidney grille’s contour but keep a more pointed trailing edge. In profile, the 3 Series looks eerily similar to the Mercedes C-Class, but at this point, I think we just have to chalk it up as standard German design — BMW, Mercedes and Audi have been converging on design for years now.

The tail lights also get a big revision; for years the 3 Series had a stepped, two-part design but for 2019 there’s more cohesion between the outside lamps and the ones on the trunk. Interestingly, the raised, red hockey stick-shaped section adds a bit of depth and style to the new setup. Inside, there aren’t any massive leaps in architecture to make you think it’s an entirely new car, but for the introduction of a single touchscreen interface that cleans up the center of the dashboard nicely.

Because it’s still early, we don’t have exact details on pricing or performance. We’ll know more as the week unfolds and the Paris Motor Show opens its doors, but it’s safe to assume there will be marginal increases in both. Overall, the G20 generation 3 Series isn’t a game changer, but it’s probably still the benchmark sedan every other brand will be aiming to beat.