Product discovery, curation, testing and culture is what we pride ourselves in at Gear Patrol. Basically, we look for the coolest products, either new or old, and find out how we can use them — e.g. for travel, work, fun or leisure — and how they fit in the greater product landscape. It’s the end of May 2018 and with it, here’s a look back on the best products we tested this month — check out our full reviews below.

The Best Bookshelf Speaker Under $500?

The Audioengine A5+ Wireless speaker are very similar to the company’s popular A5+ speakers, but with a Bluetooth receiver and high-res DAC, you can stream music right from your phone.

The Perfect Noise-Canceling Headphones for Hi-Fi Hipsters

KEF and Porsche Design collaborated to make the Space One Wireless. They’re active noise-canceling headphones that sound great and add a luxury and alternative flair that Bose’s and Sony’s headphones don’t have.

Bose’s Rugged Bluetooth Speaker Sounds Better Wherever You Put It

The Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus is the company’s best-sounding portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s also the company’s first speaker that produces 360-degree room-filling sound. But should you get it over portable rugged speakers by Ultimates Ears or Sony?

Need Wireless Earbuds for Working Out? Get These

The Jaybird Run are the company’s first and only truly wireless earbuds. They are fitness-focused and sweat resistant, and they work with a companion app in case you want to adjust the audio’s EQ. The app comes with a couple other neat features, too.

Want a $300 Home Security Camera? Get This $20 Alternative Instead

The WyzeCam is a smart home security camera that costs $20 and has many of the same capabilities as its way-more-expensive rivals by Nest, Amazon and Lighthouse.

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