What’s the craziest supercar you’ve probably never heard of? It’s called the Rimac Concept_One, and it’s a $1.2 million, all-electric powerhouse. This episode of Translogic takes host Jonathon Buckley and crew from Croatia all the way to Spain just to be able to experience one of these rare rides from Rimac.

We finally tracked down the elusive vehicle on February 14th. Right out of the gate, Bucko was infatuated with his Valentine’s date, the Rimac Concept_One. The date of our drive was a coincidence, but it ended up fitting considering how in love with this car we fell. With 1088 horsepower and 1600 pound-feet of torque, it’s easy to see what initially drew us to the mysterious supercar.

Before driving the tech-filled speed demon though, we got to sit down with 29-year-old Rimac Automobili CEO Mate Rimac to see what inspired him to create such a unique electric vehicle. Turns out, like another electric car company you may have heard of, Mate was inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla. “Cars, electronics, Tesla, combining these passions, I was thinking why is nobody making [an] electric race car?” Why indeed, Mr. Rimac. Why indeed.

Want to see the car in action and learn more about the insane amount of tech packed under the hood? Well you’re in luck! Check out the episode above to learn more about how the Rimac Concept_One may be driving us straight into the future. And quickly.


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