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Manufacturers like McLaren, Ferrari, Audi and Tesla have been building and selling cars with Takata airbags they knew were going to be recalled in the future over the past few years. Well, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the future is now, and it has officially issued recalls for the models affected.

Most of the newly recalled vehicles were built recently, so the airbags most likely haven’t had a chance to degrade to failure quite yet. Car companies sold these cars because nobody but Takata could supply them with enough airbags, so they were forced to either stop making cars altogether or plan for a future recall, like this one.

2001 Honda Civic

Every McLaren built since the company started making road cars again is being recalled, which means everything from the 12C on. Ferraris made the list before, but all 2016-2017 models now find themselves on the list, too. Tesla’s Model S is also caught up in the middle of this, with every single one of its four-door sedans receiving a recall notice. The last car included in the new recall is the 2017 Audi R8.

So far, Takata airbags are linked to 11 deaths, according to the NHTSA. The cars with the faulty airbags were all older than the cars on this list. Manufacturers like Honda who have to fix so many vehicles are enlisting collision-repair shops to speed along the process.

The newest recalls are certainly some of the most expensive cars to be included on NHTSA’s list — even the McLaren P1 isn’t safe from the business catastrophe.

By Zac Palmer