The Chinese startup Techrules, from Beijing, has appeared at the Geneva Motor Show before. This year the company is returning with a new hybrid supercar called the Ren RS, which is a lighter version of the Ren we saw at Geneva a year ago. Techrules says the Ren RS is a production version, albeit designed for track use only. The RS uses a diesel-powered turbine generator to charge its 28 kWh battery pack, and the manufacturer promises an impressive range of 727 miles from 80 liters of diesel (that’s about 21 gallons). Given that the vehicle is limited to racing use, that should translate into quite a few laps at a track of any length. The RS can be configured with four or six electric motors, and the six-motor, 960-kW/1,287-horsepower version can hit 62 mph in just three seconds, going all the way to 205 mph.

The jet-fighter style, TREV-powered (for Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle) RS is Italian-built, and reportedly its on-track characteristics have been honed by Italian motorsport specialist L.M. Gianetti. Gianetti is an outfit that has already operated for half a century, working as a motorsport subcontractor for Fiat and Alfa Romeo, and it also manufactured components and monocoques for the late ’90s Ford Focus WRC rally car.

So far, the teaser image of the RS is all we get; the Geneva show will surely provide more shots and insight into one of the few diesel-powered vehicles currently shown in a positive light.

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