A lot of time, effort, and money goes into building the new Ford GT. The car is hand-assembled by Canadian automotive engineering and manufacturing company Multimatic at its facility outside of Toronto. Turn 10 Studios, the company behind the Forza Motorsport video-game series, has ordered a car of its very own. Follow along with studio manager Alan Hartman and vehicle art director Gabe Garcia as they tour the Ford GT assembly line.

Their video gives some some insight into the car and the people at Multimatic. While the exterior may not have the flair of Maranello or Sant’Agata Bolognese, the factory line looks close to those of some Italian manufacturers. The car is mostly assembled by hand, meaning it takes about nine full days to build from start to finish. One car is finished a day, and with a full run of 1,000 cars expected, the people at Multimatic have years of work ahead of them.

Turn 10’s Ford GT will be one of the Heritage Edition models, with a paint scheme that recalls the original GT40s at Le Mans. Fans of the Forza series voted online, and according to Hartman the Heritage Edition was the overwhelming favorite, though he appears to be quite fond of Ford’s Liquid Red paint and carbon fiber wheels. Watch the video for more cool details, including the final inspection and the high-pressure leak test.

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