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Baron Fig’s Squire Pen Will Help You Make Your Dreams a Reality

The pen is a mighty sword greater than itself. It’s a tool of mass construction. It grants the power to move nations, to touch people’s hearts and souls, and to make something from nothing. It’s…

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This WFH Desk Hides in Plain Sight

The DropTop fold-down desk from Pith & Stem is an all-in-one home workstation that hides away after work hours disguised as a piece of wall art. It ships with a dual 24” Full HD monitor set-up, and cables to plug-in your Windows or Mac laptop. The wall-mounted desk measures 47 x 24 and can be finished with your choice of custom woods or even a photo-image of your own.

Twelve South HoverBar Duo Tablet Stand

When it comes to highly functional and stylish desk accessories that are purpose built to work with the entire range of Apple iDevices, you won’t find better options than what Twelve South has been releasing…

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Streamline Your Workspace With The Orbitkey Desk Mat

In these stressful times, a neat, orderly workspace can help you stay focused. The Orbitkey Desk Mat does that. Made from premium, water-repellent vegan leather, it protects your desk from scratches, stains and spills while keeping things organized with a bunch of smart features: A document hideaway to reduce paper pile-up, pen/pencil holder, & magnetic cable keepers. It is available in 3 sizes to fit your workspace.

Tidy Up Your Desk with a Cast Concrete Organizer

Formed in smooth, architectural concrete, this handmade desk organizer from Urban Minimalist holds a smartphone, pens, pencils, business cards or notes, paper clips, & other workstation essentials. Neatly & stylishly. The base of the organizer features a thin layer of recycled cork to ensure that your desk, table or shelf won’t be scratched.

Bolt Action Titanium Permanent Marker

If you’re anything like us, you use permanent markers almost as much as any other writing tool. They’re great for marking, labeling, drawing, writing and just generally leaving indelible impressions on things. The Marksmith Bolt…

Zero Halliburton Made a Proper Case for Your Cards

Treat your business cards as precious cargo with life-size luggage-maker Zero Halliburton’s Card Holder Attaché Case. Modeled after their premium travel cases, it features a brushed aluminum exterior and a black velvet lining with functional latches. Sized for standard business cards.

The Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Is the Standing Desk You Want

Alternating between standing and sitting while you’re working has been shown to be effective at boosting your mood, increasing your productivity and improving your health. But while standing desks are great, they’re also pricey. That’s…

The Titanium Type-C Pen Was Made for Marginalia

Following the crowdfunded success of its well-designed Type-A & Type-B pens, Brooklyn-based CW&T Studio created Type-C, a titanium bookmark pen with a detachable clip. Precision machined of lightweight titanium, it features a book-friendly flat design and a sprung steel arm that protects the pen-tip when not in use. Flip it around to snap into writing position; it uses Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto ink cartridges which come in 15 colors and multiple thicknesses. Another funded Kickstarter.

Shopping the Huckberry Spring Clearance for up to 55% Off

Huckberry is, has been, and always will be one of our favorite all around everyday carry outfitters of essential gear, clothing, accessories. There’s just something about their consistently rotating collection of quality wares that keeps…

Klein Tools Clamping Worklight

For over 160 years, American company Klein Tools has been crafting exceptional hand tools that make an electrician’s job easier. Their Clamping Worklight is a clever & versatile lighting device–a must for any jobsite.

Fitted with an adjustable clamp, the worklight can easily be attached to a ladder or lift, but it can also stand up on its own or be used as a regular flashlight by holding it in your hand. Its easy-to-find glow head recharges when the light is on, it rotates a full 360° and pivots up to 90° directing light wherever you need it.

Dust, water, and impact resistant, this durable tool offers a run time of 8 hours at 250 lumens or 10 hours at 125 lumens.

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Risko Drawing Desk

Portugal’s Viarco – one of the oldest pencil manufacturers in Europe, founded in 1907 – has joined forces with multidisciplinary art studio Digitalab to create the ultimate drafting table. The Risko Drawing Desk offers a highly organized and complete workstation that will surely appeal to graphic designers and illustrators.

Made of oak wood, the spacious desk has a clean, modern styling. It features two deep drawers with modular compartments for pencils and paint brushes, and a back section with removable boxes for storing art supplies, books, or a few gadgets. La pièce de résistance is a hidden wheel-and-spindle paper roller that can supply up to 80 feet of paper, so you can sketch your designs with uninterrupted flow.

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