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Courant Catch 3 Wireless Charger

The Courant Catch 3 Wireless Charger does more than supply your mobile devices with juice. It also keeps your table tidy and organized.

This device makes wireless charging look good with its sleek and minimalistic appearance. Its premium pebble-grain Italian leather wrap catches the eye and gives the charger an overall look of sophistication.

Physical attributes aside, the Courant Catch 3 provides single-device fast charging with its built-in 3-Coil Qi-enabled charger. It supplies power 30 minutes faster than traditional wireless chargers. It only takes three hours to fully charge your mobile device.

This Courant charger even works with the phone case on. It is compatible with most phone cases up to 3mm thick. It also has an additional USB-A output and a thermal and foreign object detection for temperature control and overall device protection.

More than a charging pad, this device also keeps your table organized. It comes with a spacious accessories compartment that can hold office items, jewelry, pens, and more.

It is made from high-grade matte aluminum alloy with a weighted and non-slip construction to keep your phone and items in place so they are safe from accidental drops. Likewise, braided nylon cable provides durability for long-lasting use.

The Catch 3 comes in three colors: black, ash, and bone.

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NIC Wireless Charger

Forget cumbersome wires and cables when charging your smartphone. The NIC Wireless Charger powers up your mobile device even while it’s in your bag or pocket.

Most traditional wireless chargers require your phone to be docked or placed on a charging pad in order for them to work. The NIC, which stands for New Intelligent Charger, is different. It literally powers up your device even without docking so you can bring it with you while it is charging.

Think about how power banks work to provide your mobile devices with battery. That’s what the NIC wireless charger does. You don’t have to leave your phone on the dock or on the pad for it to continue charging because the pad goes with you.

The NIC Wireless Charger consists of two parts. You have the charging cube that needs to connect to a 120/220V power outlet. Then the pad, which connects with your device via USB cable. There is no configuration needed to start charging. Simply plug the NIC cube and connect the pad to your phone. The pad is compatible with USB-C, Micro-USB and Lightning (IOS) ports and it is thin enough to be hidden by your phone case so it doesn’t dangle.

Charging time with the NIC varies depending on your distance from the cube. If there are two devices, then the one nearest to the cube charges faster. Regardless, charging continues even with your phone or smart device in your bag or in your pocket as long as you stay within 5 meters of the cube.

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Google Pixel Stand for Pixel 3

The Google Pixel Stand does more than just wirelessly charge your Pixel 3 in landscape and portrait mode. It also acts as your personal assistant that provides weather updates, traffic information, and more.

This charger is designed to be placed on your bedside table so it can function both as a phone and as a personal assistant. It automatically adjusts your phone’s UI and switches it into Do Not Disturb mode when docked at night.

Similarly, it wakes you up in the morning just before your alarm goes off with ambient lighting that mimics the sunrise.  It lets you start your day with the latest news, weather, and traffic updates, and remind you about your schedule for the day.

The Google Pixel Stand also turns your phone into a live a photo album. It displays a slideshow of the images stored in your Google Photos album while charging. Likewise, streaming or playing music while charging in portrait mode shows the cover art as your phone’s lock screen.

This device is made from silicon and polycarbonate and weighs approximately 5.6 ounces. It runs on a powered USB-C and supports fast charging up to 10W. It also charges any Qi-enabled devices and not just Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL. Likewise, it is compatible with the Nest Hello Doorbell so you can easily see who is at the door through your phone.

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BEZALEL Prelude Wireless Power Bank

The Prelude Wireless Power Bank charges devices without the need for cables.  It provides on-the-go power and allows uninhibited usage of your phone while charging.

This device lets you charge and use your phone at the same time. It simply sticks to the back of your smartphone through magnetics or microscopic nano suction cups, thus still allowing you full control over your device.

The suction works even on the glossiest of surfaces and securely holds your phone in place, so you don’t have to worry about accidental drops while you use your phone.

The BEZALEL Prelude Wireless Power Bank comes with a unique activation method. Instead of pushing a button to power it up, you just shake it. Then you stick it to your device and electromagnetic induction wirelessly charges your device.

This power bank boasts 5000mAH of battery capacity to charge your mobile devices with a maximum output of 15W. It can boost up an iPhone at half the time using fast-charge technology. It also comes with a handy USB-C port for non-wireless charging.

The BEZALEL Prelude Wireless Power Bank has a compact design that makes it convenient to carry around for on-the-go power. It is lightweight at just 5 ounces and sleek at half an inch thick only.

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Things Hybrid Charger

Things Hybrid Charger offers you the convenience of quick wired and wireless charging in one nifty device that features a retractable cable underneath its frame so you can rid your desk of those cumbersome charging cables.

This device powers up your mobile devices in 35 minutes with its two charging coils and Quick Charge 3.0 system. The wireless dock has an ergonomic angle to provide you with convenient screen viewing while your device is charging.

The dock also emits a soft LED light that changes accordingly to the status of the charging: three smooth blinks signal the start of wireless charging, one smooth blink with the wired charging, and rapid blinks mean a foreign object is stuck between the charger and phone. The light stays at low brightness when the battery is full and does not emit any light while charging as not to disturb sleep.

The retractable cable, on the other hand, is on the right side concealed by a magnetic cover. The cable can extend up to 80 cm and proves useful in certain situations, like when your phone is still on the charging dock and a call comes in. Just pull out the cable and plug to your phone. It retracts right back in when not in use.

The cable can also charge other devices such as a power bank and speaker and is replaceable in case of damage or if you need another type of cable, like the Micro USB, type C, or lightning cable.

Unlike other chargers, Things Hybrid Charger can power up two devices simultaneously without affecting its energy output. You still get fast charging anytime.

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PITAKA MagDock All-In-One Wireless Charger

The PITAKA MagDock is your all-in-one wireless charger. As its name entails, it boosts up mobile devices and functions as a power bank.

This dock can charge three devices simultaneously and securely, Its anti-slip base made of reusable nano gel ensures your gadget stays in place regardless of any movement in its surrounding area. The dock stays firm and stable, thus preventing any unwanted drops.

It features an auto-align magnetic design that further ensures the stability of your devices. The charging pad of the PITAKA MagDock consists of magnets that help automatically align your gadgets into the charging area and secures them in place.

Likewise, the magnets make it possible for the dock to be used as a stand. Its twistable design allows you to adjust it for the best viewing angle, so while you’re charging your phone, you can watch movies or do a video call. Best of all, the embedded magnets do not interfere with the charging because the dock has a built-in magnetic field shielding.

The PITAKA MagDock is equipped with 7800mAH battery so it is also a portable power bank. A companion app alerts you if the device is low on battery or if it’s charging or not. It also updates you on the battery status of your devices.

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Plux Wireless Fast Charger

Plux’s wireless fast charger is a multifunctional device that promises to charge your Apple products simultaneously in one place. It boasts a charging speed 33 percent faster than standard wireless chargers.

The device features fast charging with up to 10W of power. It uses Qi-wireless technology so it is compatible with any Qi-enabled products and not just with Apple devices.

The Plux wireless charger is highly compatible with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the AirPods, and any of Apple’s Watch Series.  The charger can accommodate three devices at once and keeps them from overheating or overcharging with its overcharge prevention feature. The device can also still detect your smartphone even with its case on.

This versatile device adapts to your charging needs. You can use it in two ways: as a pad or as a stand. Use the nightstand mode for a quick power up during bedtime or for easy access to Face ID while at work, or while you are binge-watching your favorite shows or listening to music.

The Plux wireless charger is available in black and white and comes with a stand converter that provides you with a viewer-friendly angle.  It also comes with a type-C cable, AirPods wireless receiver, and AirPods holder. The Apple Watch charger is excluded.

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Pluto Portable Wireless Power Bank

The ability to wirelessly charge your phone is nothing new. While it’s certainly convenient to not have to connect your phone to a cable, you’re still limited by having to set it on a wireless…

Courant Catch 1 Wireless Charger

Conveniently charge your mobile phone with the Courant Catch 1 Wireless Charger. This device provides fast charging at a compact size that fits your pocket and doesn’t take up much space on your desk.

This unit provides Qi-certified wireless charging at impressive speeds including 5W, 7.5W, and 10W. It charges 30 minutes faster than wired charging and 20 minutes faster than with any of its kind. It can fully charge a battery in three hours.

This device is compatible with most Qi-enabled smartphones including the latest models for Samsung, LG, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Lumia, and Google phones. It even charges through most phone cases up to 3mm thick.

This single-device charger is designed to last for many uses. It’s made from high-grade matte aluminum alloy and genuine pebble-grain Italian leather. It also uses durable braided nylon cable.

Meanwhile, its built-in foreign object detection and temperature control system prevents overheating and overcharging. It also has a weighted and non-slip base to prevent accidental drops.

Best of all, the Courant Catch 1 makes charging look beautiful with its sleek and sophisticated appearance. It makes for an ideal decorative piece on your bedside table or your workspace. It comes in three colors to suit your personal style: bone, ash, and black and retails for $80.

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