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The Arcido Akra Backpack Is A Must-Have For Travel And Day To Day Use

A good backpack goes a long way, and no one knows this better than people who travel. They don’t want an airline stopping them and taking their bag. They want proper storage, as well as an ability to comfortably carry their backpack anywhere. This is where the Arcido Akra backpack comes into play.

This backpack might very well be the best backpack on the market. We don’t blow smoke at Men’s Gear, as we firmly believe this backpack has it all. Let us explain why.

We truly love seeing the proper backpack for all things. If you’re like us, you have one with you when you’re going to stay or explore the outdoors. However, you’ll most often carry one to school or even work. Even random doctor visits.

Some of us even use a backpack when we’re just walking around a particular city.

This is why getting the right backpack for everything is well worth the expense. That brought us to the Arcido Akra backpack. It’s a bag that can do it all, and then some.

Seriously, Arcido thought of quite literally everything.

Major Details About The Arcido Akra Backpack

Arcido Akra backpack inside
[Image via Arcido]

It took us some time to truly get our hands on the Arcido Akra backpack. When we did, we wanted to look it over and even put it to the test. As people know by now, Men’s Gear does not just praise an item. We will talk about its failure on top of what makes it a worthy item.

We tell everyone that gets in touch with us about this rule. Yet it’s hard to find much bad with this backpack.

This level of trust is important to us, which is why we had to get our hands on the bag and put it through the test. First and foremost, we wanted to look at what Arcido claims they have done to it.

We’re told the Arcido Akra backpack is their best bag, meaning it needs to be terrific if we’d be interested in buying any other product from them.

Included in the bag is a 500D Blendex Kodra body fabric involving a PU coating. The bottom scuff fabric involves 1000D Kodra as well as the PU coating. Of course, PU stands for Polyurethane. When it comes to PU coating and fabric, it helps to repel water and can make something resistant to it.

The higher the “D” count, the more water-resistant or waterproof the item.

With this bag holding up in the rain, that already makes it interesting. However, it can do more than this. Due to the bottom scuff being so highly waterproof, it can hold up relatively well on the water. Of course, you don’t want to dunk the Arcido Akra backpack in the water completely for too long.

It’s has a 150D Premium Polyester Oxford lining, also with PU coating. They really undersell this part of the bag. When we got our hands on it, we could tell the detail was there in the polyester. We could even tell how the coating was keeping everything dry by feeling the difference between it and other bags like it.

Security And Efficiency Of The Arcido Akra Backpack

Arcido Akra backpack water resistance
[Image via Arcido]

One of the most important things a bag can provide is essential security and efficiency. After all, you’re purchasing it to keep your belongings safe. Plus, you want to be sure you can store a good bit of stuff inside the bag.

We’re happy to report that the Arcido Akra Backpack certainly passed our tests here.

First, the inside of the backpack is designed in such a way that you can stack a lot inside without compromising the bag itself. We were able to put in about 5 pairs of jeans, 8 shirts, 10 underwear, and 7 sets of socks inside the upper compartment.

It fit all of this comfortably without any risk to the zipper popping off.

There are also proper buckles to keep things like your laptop safe inside. Arcido also added more compartments than the main. There are about 4 compartments you can keep stuff. Two of them are large, both including zippered compartments, some with mesh.

Meanwhile, also including areas for pens, pencils, and laptops.

The other 2 are for smaller items like a passport, wallet, sunglasses, etc. The one at the very front is lined to keep things perfectly dry too.

There are 2 slips where you can put water bottles with two secret compartments next to them to store more material. Finally, the straps are where the efficiency steps up a lot. The back has mesh padding for proper breathability and comfort to your back.

To add security, there’s an adjustable buckle strap you can use to keep the bag on your person.

There are also two padded sides on a waist strap on the bag that can also be buckled to add even more security. Both also have two areas of storage on them, with one being another zippered compartment.

The Big Numbers To Keep In Mind With The Arcido Akra Backpack

Arcido Akra backpack logo
[Image via Arcido]

It’s vastly important that you know the bag is relatively sizable with dimensions of 55 x 35 x 20cm. Despite the size of the Arcido Akra backpack, it’s perfectly up to all airline standards. Meaning you can take it as a carry-on, without an issue from the TSA or any other airline security force.

In fact, Arcido designed the bag specifically for use in travel.

Overall, the bag can handle up to 35 Litres or a little over 9 gallons of water before it begins to see issues. Though designed to be used in travel or commutes, it’s also a great outdoor bag. Again, it’s a water-resistant bag and not waterproof.

However, the Arcido Akra backpack held up well in outdoor tests.

This backpack is not completely scratch resistant, but you can travel in the forest or woods with it being scratched a bit. It won’t really show the scratches that it takes on nor will it hurt the PU coating.

It may not hold up to knife attacks, but it’s relatively tough and therefore capable of handling most outdoor activity.

The YKK #5 Reverse Coil Zippers are a nice touch to the Arcido Akra backpack too. They hold up in the warm or cold, and they don’t crack under the pressure of a full bag. They also keep things in.

This might very well be the toughest part of the entire bag.

They also include a washbag and shoe bag for only $15 extra each. Meanwhile, they also have packing cubes and a Vaga Day Pack for $30 and $70 extra respectively. All fit well inside the bag.

Yet they also include delivery for 100% free as well as a 5-year warranty on all of their items, including the Akra backpack.

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Aer Travel Pack 2

The Aer Travel Pack 2 is ideal for use in any outdoor adventure or for a weeklong trip. It can withstand rough conditions and can hold all your travel needs.

This 33L pack opens flat for easy access to the main compartment and for easy packing. It has internal pockets to keep your things neatly in place and an internal framesheet for structure and support. It comes with lockable zippers for added security.

Moreover, this pack has a separate compartment for storing laundry or dirty shoes and a quick-access laptop compartment that can fit up to 15.6-inch laptops. It has a top quick-access pocket to hold small valuables and an expandable water bottle holder that can zip away when not in use.

The Aer Travel Pack 2 is designed “to keep you light on your foot” while on the go. It is lightweight at just 3.7 pounds and loaded with features for an easy and comfortable transport. It features a padded mesh back panel for comfort and breathability and padded top and side handles for versatility in carrying. Likewise, this pack comes with side compression straps to secure any size load and sternum strap and load lifter straps for stability.

Best of all, this pack is built to last for years. It is made from tough 1680D Cordura nylon, a material originally developed for military body armor. It also uses YKK zippers and Duraflex plastic hardware for added durability.

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Photos Courtesy of Aer