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Supertramp Introduces LT Fiberglass Camper

Designed for use with all full-size trucks—even light-duty trucks—like Ford’s F-150, the Supertramp LT camper is a fiberglass truck-bed camper that weighs just 1200 pounds. It features an electric lift pop-top and solarized electrical system, with the comforts of an over-cab bed, L-shaped lounge, full kitchen, and optional toilet/shower, all inside. Available for pre-order now.

Go Off-Road Extreme with Loki’s Falcon Series Campers

If you’re ready to take your off-road & overland adventures to the extreme, Loki Basecamp’s Falcon Series campers look ready, too. These sport-specific 4-season camper pods offer the highest in high-tech and endless features for comfort and customization. On-board AC, shower, a queen-size bed in the bedroom, a full modern kitchen with an induction cooktop, and an external rack system designed to secure all your gear and toys. The campers are insulated for year-round comfort and with several models, they’ve got one to perfectly fit your truck.

Kuckoo Bruno Camping Trailers

If the COVID times have taught us anything, it’s that we really don’t need to be around other people other that much. What we really want is the warmth, relaxation and respite that only the…

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This Might Be the Ultimate Travel Trailer

The Living Vehicle is a mobile home but that hardly describes it. It looks like Apple, Tesla, Yeti, & The James Brand got together to create the ultimate travel trailer. Designed in Santa Barbara, CA, it features an all aluminum exterior shell with high-end materials & finishes throughout, plus an automotive-grade power system with enough storage to fully charge your electric vehicle. Rooftop solar, AC, a fold-out patio & awning plus comfortable, convertible spaces inside make it feel like home anywhere you park it.

Airstream Re-Designs Family-Friendly Basecamp 20

Airstream’s compact Basecamp 20 camper gets an impressive refresh for 2021. The family-friendly tow-behind is slightly longer, wider, & taller; providing sleeping space for 2 adults & 2 kids or 3 adults. The floorplan includes a kitchen, bath & a forward seating/lounge area. In the back there’s a hatch into a gear stowage compartment. It’s got the iconic aluminum exterior, and at 3400 pounds, can be towed behind a mid-size truck or SUV.

The Hitch Hotel Traveler is a Super Compact Camper

Designed for towing behind smaller vehicles, the super compact & lightweight Hitch Hotel Traveler camper is only 3-feet long when closed but expands to 7-feet with capacity to sleep two inside the walls of its fiberglass shell exterior. When open, its 135 square-foot interior can hold up to 1000-pounds of people & gear. When closed you get 60-square feet of cargo storage yet at just 36” long, you can pull in & park it anywhere.

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A Nested Design Allows This Camper To Double Its Size Instantly

With the ability to double its size in just 60 seconds, the French-made Beauer 2X camper expands to accommodate 2 adults in a comfortable, modern shelter that’s as easy on the eyes as it is to set up. The nested shell design pulls out horizontally to reveal a bedroom for 2, a fully-equipped L-shaped kitchen, & a small lounge area where the futon opens for additional sleepers. Weighing under 2000 pounds means that it’s easily towable with most vehicles.

Australian Off-Road Introduces Compact Sierra Camper

Australian Off Road builds badass camper trailers. The all-new steel-framed and bombproof Sierra is apparently their “most basic model” yet. Well, wow. Because this Outback-ready beast from AOR features a, rugged Raptor-coated fiberglass body, Outback Armour Offroad shocks, a lithium-based electrical system, and all the comforts of home. Fully customizable. Load it with all your toys and tow it to the ends of the earth.

Patriot Campers Rolls Out Retro Land Cruiser & Camper Combo

Australia’s Patriot Campers are built for fun and function in the harshest environments—loaded with smart features & overbuilt to be bomber. Their newest model is the the X1N & to properly launch this off-road camper/hauler, they rolled it out behind a retro-inspired Land Cruiser variant. Literally dripping with period-correct 70s-era styling, the Desert Ops LC79 Supertourer is the ideal beast for towing this Outback-ready camper anywhere you want to take it.

This Carbon Fiber Earth Traveler Teardrop Weighs Just 300 Pounds

Due to its carbon fiber construction, Earth Traveler’s T250LX teardrop camper is ridiculously lightweight. At 5-feet tall & 11-feet long, it weighs less than 300-pounds, making it is easy to trailer even with a small car. Accessories like pop-up side tents, a vestibule tent, and a UV awning expand the living space of this little camper.

Earth Traveler Teardrop Trailer Made Of Chicken Feathers

Mexico-based startup Earth Traveler brings us this ultra-chic teardrop-style trailer, which you will never guess features a chicken feather construction.

That’s right — this trailer’s skeletal archway consists of lightweight feather composite that aims to put minimal stress on your engine. And you wallet, for that matter. So it’s cheating a bit on the range-topper variant, which features carbon fiber. But this version above is made from chicken feathers, a material that’s literally featherweight.

At setup, there are full-length gull-wing panels that rise up, which makes for a spacious standing room and a cozy interior fully integrated into the enveloping outdoors. Founder Angel Irlanda wanted his whole family to sleep inside the trailer, which left the aluminum two-person teardrop setup out of the question. As a result, he sought to channel his inner artist and reimagined the teardrop as a larger, more open dwelling. The first prototype came from simple, accessible materials like wood and fiberglass.

He’s planning to release two teardrop models. The first one, as mentioned, is a range-topper that’s fully carbon fiber. With an estimated weight of just 216 pounds, it will mark one of the lightest trailers for a family of four to date. But the kicker here, obviously, is the chicken feathers model, the T300. It’s much more affordable and boasts a strength close to that of carbon fiber when set in resin, according to Irlanda. Best of all, it’s far cheaper than other composites, bringing the estimated retail price of this model to just $10,000.


Photos courtesy of Earth Traveler

PolyDrops Built a Classic Camper with a Modern Design

The Polydrop camper trailer gets its name from the merger of a classic teardrop trailer & its spacious polygon-shaped design. This compact camper sleeps 2, has a rear galley kitchenette and a 100W solar charging system for the heater, LED Lights, 12V outlet and USB outlets. The Polydrop weighs less than 800-pounds so it can be easily towed by small & mid-size vehicles.

This Inflatable Weighs Less Than Half Of Other Rooftop Tents

If the ever-growing number of tent options tells us anything, it’s that people really like to camp on the roof of their cars. The latest entry into this popular category is the GentleTent, an inflatable. Compared to other tents, it’s smaller & much lighter in weight—good for gas mileage & handling—and sets up in just minutes. Once deployed with the included 12V lighter socket air pump, its inflatable frame & floor expand to dimensions over 7-feet long & tall enough for campers over 6-feet tall.

‘Black Mirror’ Is Back Right Now with ‘Bandersnatch’ Film

Black Mirror is one of the weirdest, most talked about and well thought out shows that’s ever been made. Can’t wait for season 5 of one of our mindf*ck tv shows every guy should see…

The Upcoming Show ‘Miracle Workers’ Features Steve Buscemi as God

Miracle Workers is an upcoming 2019 TBS comedy based on Simon Rich’s novel What’s in God’s Name. [If you’re not familiar with Rich’s work, he’s one of the youngest writers ever hired by SNL, a…

Hitch Hotel is a Compact Camper You Don’t Have To Tow

The fiberglass Hitch Hotel is a unique little camper design that rides on your car’s trailer hitch and telescopes out to sleep two to three people. At just 240-pounds, it’s much lighter than most campers & it also functions as a watertight storage box with enough space to carry 3 bikes, or all your camping gear. It slides out 18-inches away from the vehicle so you have easy access to your trunk or tailgate at all times.