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Persol’s Latest Sunglasses Channel ‘Kingsman’ Vibes

As much as we are die hard James Bond fans, we loved the comedic departure from the norm of standard spy films that was Kingsman. Chartering a trip to hit Savile Row for a custom…

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You Can Own Joe Pesci’s Sunglasses from ‘The Irishman’

Despite the fact that none of the awards nominations are in yet, The Irishman has already racked up an incredible amount of fanfare in the best actor, best supporting actor, best film, best direction and,…

Bose Frames Rondo Audio Sunglasses

This spring, Bose introduced a new kind of wearable apparel: audio sunglasses. Seemingly a counter-argument to Google’s impressive but underwhelming Glass from several years past, the Bose Frames Rondo is a pair of sunglasses with wireless technology.

Wearable technology is currently somewhere in the interim between “technology” and “design.” As for the tech, there’s no question about the potential. But it gets spotty when it comes to design. Everyone wants the latest wearable gear without looking like a robot. So far, most, if not all, wearable gear have failed to deliver. So, the team at Bose decided to make a product that, while high-tech, doesn’t skimp on aesthetics.

We mentioned that these are audio sunglasses. They don’t actually have buds that you wear as you would do with any conventional pair of earphones. Instead, the open-ear design directs the sound to your ears, minimizing what nearby people can hear. This is real sound, by the way, not some weird vibrations or anything like that, as on other gimmicky options. And because this is Bose we’re talking about here, the sound is no short of topnotch.

It does take some time getting used to. Honestly, the technology is so amazing you’ll be paranoid that people can hear what you’re listening to. But they can’t.

The Bose frame design features easy access to controls. You can change to volume, skip songs, pause, play, and even accept calls via the built-in mic. Oh, and it works with smart assistants as well. At $199, this is a risky buy considering it’s still early tech. But it’s worth a try.


Top 12 Cycling Sunglasses For Men


s a fashionable guy, you almost certainly own at least one pair of sunglasses. After all, they’re essential if and when the sun comes out (and often even when it doesn’t!). However, if you’re a big “cyclist bro,” you might want to think about investing in a pair of specialist cycling sunglasses for men for when you hit the streets on two wheels. If you thought that cycling glasses were just standard shades repackaged for the cycling fraternity, you would be wrong.

In fact, cycling sunglasses for men have been specially designed to meet the demanding needs of guys who travel on two wheels. You could hop on your bike every morning for the daily commute, a racing enthusiast who hits the weekend trails, or you’re really wanting that big gym membership, cycling sunglasses should definitely be an addition to your essential equipment.

The perfect complement to your Lycra, your cycling sunglasses won’t just make you look like a pro but they’ll actually help you to stay safe on the roads. We, of course, find the latter to be of the utmost importance.

Why should I buy Cycling Sunglasses For Men?

A pair of men’s cycling sunglasses is going to be a stylish addition to your wardrobe – no doubt. However, there’s a lot more to them than that. Like regular shades, polarized cycling glasses have full UVA and UVB protection. Although, they also have polycarbonate lenses to protect your face from flying debris thanks to their flexibility.

This is an important feature because think about it. What if a stone jumps up from the road to hit you in the eye, and now the glass stops it. Avoiding breakage!

Their wraparound style blocks out wind, grit, insects, and harmful rays. All of this to help you stay well protected as you ride. There’ll be no more irritating mosquitoes, sand, or dust flying into your eyes to impair your vision. Rather, you’ll be able to see clearly no matter where you ride.

The best cycling glasses for men have been designed with optimal ventilation, padding, and well-designed arms. All with the perfect fit on the road while also protecting from excessive glare and improving visibility. You won’t need to worry about your glasses accidentally falling off as you carry out some crazy maneuver.

On top of this, you’ll enjoy complete comfort without any pinching, squeezing, or slipping that could distract you from traffic conditions. Meanwhile, polarized cycling glass protects you from road glare and help with overall visibility. Meaning, you won’t hit anyone on accident due to lack of sight.

Some cycling sunglasses for men use photochromic lenses that automatically adjust depending on the light conditions. This helps in protecting their eyes even more. With super-speedy changes, photochromic cycling glasses are a fantastic option for cyclists when compared to clear cycling glasses.

This is due to since the maximum protection from glare, brightness, and UV damage that they offer.

How Do I Choose The Right Cycling Sunglasses? 

With regular sunglasses, you’re probably just used to walking into a shop. You’ll try a few pairs on and choose the ones that make you look and feel sexy. That strategy isn’t going to work with cycling sunglasses! While your chosen pair may make you look cool, their prime function isn’t solely appearance-based.

Cycling sunglasses are, above all else, functional. They need to be able to do their job properly, otherwise, they’re just going to be an expensive white elephant.

So, what features are you looking for?

Wraparound Design:

Even if you’re worried that the futuristic look isn’t for you, a wraparound style is absolutely essential when you’re cycling. It’s the only foolproof way to fully protect your eyes from UV damage. It’s the best way of keeping out all that grit, sand, and other road debris that can be so irritating.

The full coverage also makes sure that your lenses stay in the right position, even if you go over a speed bump.

Anti-Fog Coating:

This pretty much does what it says on the tin. It’ll stop your glasses from fogging up if the weather turns chilly so you can still see the road. You really want this around. Just imagine riding on your bike and then, all the sudden, you cannot see. Starting to see why we’re bringing it up yet? That’s what we thought.

Photochromic Lenses:

These will adjust rapidly to changing light conditions. This is just what you need if the weather is changeable. How many times have you set off in glorious sunshine only for the clouds to come over as soon as you get partway down the street? This is great to have mostly to help your eyes.

While it copes with weather conditions, this is also great to have a night. Several lights are on then, so it can do a number on your eyes. This helps you avoid issues.

Extra Lenses:

If you don’t want to spend the extra for photochromic lenses, you could always opt for some performance eyewear with additional lenses supplied. This enables you to choose the right ones to suit the current weather conditions.

Nose-Pieces and Grippers:

They might sound unpleasant, but adjustable nose pieces will ensure your glasses stay firmly in place while you ride. All without slipping or sliding. Grippers on the legs will also guarantee a comfortable fit, no matter how many potholes you encounter on your ride.

Hydrophobic Coating:

If you live in a particularly wet climate or spend a lot of time cycling in all weathers, a pair of glasses that have hydrophobic coating is a great idea. This will help to ensure that no raindrops stay on your lenses obstructing your field of vision.

Anti-Scratch Coating:

At some point no doubt you will drop your sunglasses or pop them in your pocket or bag without a case. An anti-scratch coating will help to protect the lenses from damage in such cases. Think about it, no scratches? That makes this incredibly easy to handle because you have no fear of scratches.

This is also useful when you crash, as we all know you eventually will. You’re guaranteed to not see a scratch…on the glasses at least.

How Do I Choose The Right Frames for cycling sunglasses?

Unlike with regular sunglasses meant more for style, in the world of cycling glasses, coverage is key. Your glasses need to keep out water, wind, and bugs so coverage to the sides is important. A single piece lens is often the best choice, although preference varies among cyclists.

It’s important to remember that when you buy cycling sunglasses, a lot of the cost is for the frame and not the lenses. That said, you’ll want to like the frame but doesn’t have to cost too much. Find ones that fit, very well. Snugly about your temples right above the ears is perfect. Don’t let them get too tight, however. They could be an uncomfortable experience.

Be on the lookout for those with rubber grips. They help in comfort.

Other pairs feature adjustable arms for a better fit. Consider the nose-piece too. This is an area that is often overlooked. Many cycling glasses for men today feature adjustable versions. This allows you to get the one right for your nose. This will prevent your glasses from sliding down your nose, sitting too high on the bridge, or even falling off while you’re on the road.

However, it’s essential that the frame is a good fit in this area. Otherwise, your glasses won’t sit in the right place or may slip down during wear.

When it comes to cycling sunglasses frame styles, there are three main designs. These are frameless, half frame, and full frame. All offer similar functionality. However, if you choose a full frame pair you may have issues with your lower eye-line. It is possible the frame may obscure your vision.

Frameless glasses are often the best choice. The reason? They won’t obstruct any of your frame of vision and they’re also more lightweight for extra comfort.

A Quick Guide To Cycling Sunglasses Lenses

A key element of any pair of cycling sunglasses is the kind of lens that is used in their construction. Keep in mind, it’s the tint that will dictate the type of conditions in which you can safely wear them. The most expensive cycling glasses on the market have a choice of lenses supplied.

That said, there’s no need to break the bank to get this feature. Many mid-range glasses come with a choice of interchangeable lenses. This allows you the benefit of choosing the right ones for your ride each day.

Whether you’re cycling on the sunniest day of the year, under cloudy skies, or even at night. It doesn’t matter, for there will be a lens to suit you.

If you’re considering getting a pair of cycling sunglasses for men with interchangeable lenses, you’ll want at least 3 different options. The standard lens will be ideal for everyday cycling on bright summer days. It will give you 100% protection from all UVA and UVB rays and will minimize glare from the road.

One thing to watch out for, however, is that they aren’t so dark that you can’t see the road if you’re riding through shadowy areas.

After the standard lens, you’ll also need a yellow-tinged lens for use in overcast weather conditions. This color lens will brighten everything up. This will make it simpler to see any rough spots on the road in front of you. The third lens you’ll require is a clear one.

This is perfect for use after dark and will protect your eyes from flying dirt and debris without restricting your field of vision.

Is it possible to buy Prescription Cycling Sunglasses?

If you’re a cyclist who wears prescription glasses, there’s no need to panic. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy a pair of ordinary cycling sunglasses for men. Simply wear your regular contact lenses beneath. On the other hand, some cyclists prefer to have prescription lenses in their cycling glasses. They feel it offers a more seamless approach to riding.

If you prefer this approach, you’ll find that the biggest and best brands on the market offer the possibility of prescription versions. All of them have different styles to accompany this.

Oakley is well-known for being one of the biggest and best in this field. Others may offer clip-on inserts that you can fit behind the lens of the sunglasses. You can order those at your optometrist’s office.

What Are The Best Cycling Sunglasses Brands?

While there are many manufacturers of cycling sunglasses on the market, they aren’t all created equal. Some of the best brands include Adidas, Oakley, Tifosi, and POC. In this buying guide, regarding cycling sunglasses for men, you’ll find reviews of some of the top performing options available today.

With this, you can make an informed decision about which are the right sunglasses for you. Are you ready to start choosing? Here’s our pick of the top 12 cycling sunglasses for men on the market today.

1) Wolfbike Polarize Sports Cycling Sunglasses

If you’re looking for a combination of function and style, these sunglasses from Wolfbike are going to hit the spot. Defending your eyes and face from dust and wind, their full coverage wraparound design is surprisingly comfortable. They are also so lightweight that you can wear them for hours.

If you usually wear glasses you’ll find that most styles will fit perfectly under the frames. You surely won’t need to invest in any prescription cycling glasses.

The lenses are shatterproof and made from a PC material. That means they have been designed to be robust and durable. The UV400 protection coating also ensures that your eyes have maximum protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you don’t need to restrict these sunglasses solely to cycling use. That means they’re ideal for use when skiing, fishing, running, hiking or racing, making them a truly multi-functional choice.

Since they even come with a hard protective case, they can be easily carried around from A to B.

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2) Verdster TourDePro Polarized Cycling Sunglasses

These UVA/UVB 400 men’s sunglasses block out as much as 99% of harmful rays to protect your eyes fully on the road. With their ultra-lightweight and stylish design, these cycling sunglasses for men are very comfortable. With their frameless design, you’ll have an amazingly wide field of vision as well as 360-degree protection from impacts.

They are designed to stay firmly in place no matter how bumpy your ride. These are the perfect pair if you want to participate in all kinds of active sports like running, golf, hiking, and skiing. The multi-layer lenses feature True-Color Restoration technology. This reduces strain on the eyes as well as eliminating glare from direct, scattered and reflected light.

As an added bonus, a free gift pack comes with each pair comprising a carry case, soft pouch and cleaning cloth. The five different provided lenses are different colors. That means you’ll have perfect vision in any lighting conditions and you’ll also benefit from the lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for complete peace of mind.

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3) RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses

These high-grade cycling sunglasses for men feature a TAC polarized and mirror coated lens for 100% effective UVB and UVA protection. While restoring true color, they eliminate scattered and reflected light and protect your eyes perfectly. A hard portable carrying case is included with every purchase.

They also come with a cleaning cloth, pouch, and strap for extra convenience.

Buyers can benefit from a lifetime warranty on both the lens and frame, so you can have peace of mind that your purchase is well protected from breakages. There’s even a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy in the first month after purchase.

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4) Oakley EVZero Pitch Iridium Sunglasses

Made in the USA from high-quality plastic, these cycling sunglasses for men are from the popular and well-known Oakley brand. The non-polarized Iridium lenses have been covered with a 100% UV protective coating to keep your eyes safe from harmful rays.

They are the lightest high-performance frame, so you can rest assured that these sunglasses are ideal for racing.

Their rimless frames feature a toric shield made from Plutonite. This guarantees a fully unobstructed field of vision. It makes this pair of glasses ideal not just for cycling but for running and training too. The integrated impact resistance meets the ANSI Z80.3 standards for impact and optical requirements.

You can surely be confident that your vision is well protected on the road.

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5) Oakley Mens Evzero Range Sunglasses

These Oakley cycling sunglasses for men are made in the United States from impressively durable plastic. They have non-polarized Iridium lenses that have a fully UV protective coating. This ensures your eyes will be safe from the damage that can be caused by the sun’s rays.

The Oakley brand is among the most popular for cyclists on the market today.

That means you can be confident that these glasses are of the highest quality when it comes to protection, performance, and design.

The stylish shape of the frames ensures that the eyes are properly protected from debris and glare. Meanwhile, the lightweight construction means that your face won’t feel weighed down on the road.

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6) Oakley Mens OO9290 Jawbreaker PRIZM Sport Sunglasses

We have yet another pair of high-quality sunglasses from Oakley’s impressive range. These lightweight Jawbreaker sports sunglasses are popular with those who participate in sports. Even those as diverse as cycling, basketball, and running.

Made from a durable plastic in the USA, these sunglasses feature lenses made from non-polarized Iridium which has been fully coated with a UV resistant material. All of this, to ensure optimal protection for the eyes from harmful rays. This makes them perfect cycling sunglasses for men to wear while riding.

For cyclists who usually wear prescription glasses, these shades are prescription ready. Therefore, they are suitable for use by anyone, regardless of their vision defects. These Oakley prescription cycling glasses boast an extended field of vision in the cyclist’s upper peripheral region.

This is perfect when on the road for spotting potential hazards. Meanwhile, the frame is well fitting, comfortable, and the lenses are hassle-free.

One of the top features of these sunglasses is the cooling airflow surge ports which keep the face well ventilated on even the hottest days. Another is the Switchlock technology, which makes changing the lenses a breeze.

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7) Oakley Men’s Radar OO9211-07 Shield Sunglasses

If you’re looking for cheap cycling glasses for men, this may not be the pair for you. Coming from the well-known leading Oakley brand, these sunglasses are cutting-edge and have a price tag to match. The polarized Iridium lenses have been given a protective 100% UV coating. That means you can rest assured your eyes will be well protected from harmful rays.

They are supplied with their own carrying case to offer extra protection and convenience while on the move. These Radar EV sunglasses have a breakthrough revolutionary design. This is thanks to their taller lens that can extend the cyclist’s upper field of vision.

The frame also offers additional protection and comfort while the impressive components ensure the perfect grip to the face. Trust us, there will be no slippage even on the bumpiest of surfaces.

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8) TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Thanks to the super-light PC frame of these sunglasses, cyclists can ride all day and barely notice that they’re wearing eye protection. These TOREGE cycling sunglasses for men feature polarized lenses that effectively eliminate scattered and reflected glare. They block 100% of all UVB and UVA rays from the sun without compromising on style.

These fashionable frames look just as good when you’re out with your friends as they do when you’re participating in active pursuits. That makes them the ideal go-to choice whatever the occasion. The soft rubber nose pad ensures better comfort during wear. Meanwhile, the rimless jacket frame ensures optimal vision in the lower field.

The lens and frame are designed to be unbreakable and durable. Not only are they great for cyclists, but they’re also ideal for use when participating in any other type of outdoor activity. Each pair comes complete with a soft cleaning cloth, as well as a cloth pouch for easy and safe transportation.

They even have five different lenses to protect against a variety of environmental conditions.

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9) J+S Active PLUS Cycling Athlete’s Sunglasses

Designed to be fully scratch resistant, these 100% UV rated J+S cycling sunglasses for men boast high optical clarity to support active lifestyles. Whether you prefer to stick to cycling or whether you want to participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities, these sunglasses can meet your needs.

There are four different lenses that you can choose from. Each of these caters to a different need. The clear lens keeps debris out of your eyes. That way, you can keep your eyes on the road without restricting your vision. Meanwhile, the yellow lens makes for an excellent pair of night cycling glasses.

They reduce the glare experienced from any oncoming traffic in this case. The yellow lens is also perfect for use on cloudy and foggy days, enhancing your depth perception.

The black lens is ideal for all purposes. This allows true colors to shine through while reducing glare. However, the brown lens is ideal for use on hazy and cloudy days. Since every pair comes ready gift packaged, these sunglasses are an ideal gift idea for anyone!

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10) Cool Change Polarized Sports Bike Sunglasses

The CoolChange polarized cycling sunglasses for men have five different interchangeable lenses to suit the needs of active guys. Whether you play baseball, go fishing, or participate in mountain biking, these sunglasses will fit the bill.

The frame has been constructed from an unbreakable PC material, Means it’s highly durable without any additional weight or bulk. These sunglasses feel unbelievably light and comfortable on your face! The lenses are polarized and will block out all of the harmful UVB and UVA rays for optimal protection.

However, you won’t need to compromise on style. These fashionable frames will attract attention for all the right reasons.

The rimless jacket frame ensures a crystal clear field of vision as well as excellent protection from glare and flying debris. Each pair comes with 5 different lenses, a cleaning cloth, a lanyard, a polarized test card, 5 frame decorations, a soft storage pouch, and a hard carry case. This clearly is an amazing value for money overall.

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11) Tifosi Jet Sunglasses

These Tifosi cycling glasses for men feature an open lens design together with a streamlined shape. It makes them perfect for bikers, runners, and endurance athletes looking for performance shades that are tough yet simple. Featuring temple pads and an anti-slip nose pad, these glasses will stay put even when you cycle over rough surfaces.

Meanwhile, the 26g weight ensures that you’ll barely notice that you’re wearing them, even after hours in the saddle.

These Tifosi glasses are also surprisingly affordable without compromising on quality. The fully integrated hinge ensures durable use and long-lasting comfort. All of this, while the nose-pieces are made from hydrophilic rubber which conforms to the face’s unique shape for a customized fit, and offers a greater grip the sweatier you become.

These men’s cycling sunglasses have been manufactured from Grilamid TR-90 nylon. That makes them resistant to chemical damage. Each pair comes complete with a zippered hard shell case and a cleaning bag for convenient and safe transportation.

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12) Duduma Polarized Designer Fashion Sports Sunglasses

These Duduma sunglasses feature UV400 TAC polarized lenses to block out 100% of  UVB and UVA rays that you encounter outdoors. These cutting-edge 7 layered lenses are able to eliminate all scattered and reflected light while restoring true color and protecting your eyes perfectly.

As an added bonus, these cycling sunglasses for men have lenses are also fully shatterproof. This means you needn’t worry if you accidentally drop them as you’re climbing into the saddle. These are among the lightest cycling sunglasses for men that Duduma has to offer, and they are incredibly stylish too.

You’ll not just be well protected, you’ll be looking good on the road. That is thanks to the aesthetically pleasing and flattering lines in the design of these glasses.

Ideal not only for cycling but for any type of outdoor activity, these fashionable shades have a rich lens and frame color combination. In addition, the polycarbonate construction is resistant to scratches and impacts for an extra long lifespan.

You’ll also enjoy a completely clear lower field of vision thanks to the rimless jacket frame. As a further added advantage, buyers are protected by the manufacturer’s lifetime breakage warranty. This even comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee for complete peace of mind.

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On Your Bike!

The perfect cycling sunglasses for men always will depend on the requirements and preferences of the man. However, we know that at least one of the 12 pairs suggested here is sure to have caught your eye. Regardless of your sense of style or preference of riding on or off-road, we know these will work.

It is certain, to us at least, one of these high-quality pairs of specialist shades will give you the protection you’re looking for.

It doesn’t matter if is protection from glare, UV damage, or flying debris. All of these cycling sunglasses for men are going to work for you. So, what are you waiting for? On your bike, after buying one of these sweet shades, of course.

Porsche Design P’8478 Sunglasses

Originally launched in 1978, Porsche Design’s P’8478 Aviator sunglasses were known back then as “the exclusive.”

They’re a symbol of wealth and prestige, although that rings true even today. In fact, these Porsche aviators are one of the most famous and easily recognizable sunglasses ever made. Moreover, they also marked the debut of interchangeable lenses, which wasn’t in vogue at the time.

The sunglasses allowed you to change the lenses by flipping up the bridge, easily letting you change them if needed. Ever since, the P’8478 sunglasses have become mainstream yet iconic, elite yet accessible, luxurious yet subtle.

It’s not just about the looks, though. These things bring brute to the table as well, with a frame made from high-quality titanium that reduces weight and adds an extra “oomph” to the overall aesthetic at the same time. The lenses are pretty robust as well, featuring unbreakable polycarbonate material back coated with a multilayer anti-reflective coating. Each pair is handmade in Japan.

The automaker actually makes other accessories under Porsche Design, its product arm, which is heavily lauded because the design team treats each item they make with the same sense of engineering they apply to their cars.

The P’8478 is available in ta handful of sizes only, though, so you might be out of luck if you have a slightly bigger head than most people. If it fits you, great — you’ll look awesome and fancy strutting this around the city. Mind you, these are the same specs celebrities like Eddie Murphy, Prince, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and every one of the Kardashians have worn, and you have Porsche’s unmistakable shape and style to thank for that.


Top 10 Aviator Sunglasses For Men


hile you may not have trouble standing out, this does not have to be the case. Men have found their own style and one that can be tough to understand. Some like it rugged and some like it smooth. They may wonder how they make my their mark in a time when it’s not enough to just be stylish. Aviator sunglasses for men tend to be the best way to truly stand out right away.

Aviator sunglasses never fall out of style, as they’re always ahead of the curve. They give that sophisticated, badass yet mysterious vibe one might otherwise be lacking. It hints at an edge even when you’re heading off to the office or corner bar for a beer with your friends.

Designed as a lighter, sleeker alternative to flight goggles, they were marketed as a military tool to help pilots. This was particularly useful in World War II. This went a long way to improve the day-to-day experience of men on the air. Imagine having a chunk of plastic strapped to your face while flying. Not cool.

You know what’s cool? General Douglas MacArthur touching ground in the Philippines in the war, his aviators marking him a style icon. Aviator smartly took advantage.

While aviator sunglasses might be a military innovation, they quickly spread stateside as one of the first real, popular makes of consumer sunglasses. The classic design offers protection for your eyes with elegance and style. They quickly became popular and were a staple for brands like Ray-Ban.

Now you may be wondering the styles of Aviators and where you can get one you can afford. Thankfully, we’ve done the legwork for you. Put your feet up, and get ready to take a journey through one of today’s hottest brands.

What clothes should I wear with aviator sunglasses?

You’ve decided, right? You have to get your hands on a pair of aviator sunglasses for men we see. It’s the finishing touch that any sensible man needs to have at the ready when the occasion requires. However, you’re faced with an important question.

That is how do they fit in with the look you already have? Nothing’s worse than stepping out with a set of clothes that don’t speak to who you really are as a man.

To make the best impression, do your homework and spend an extra minute in front of your dresser making sure you’re your best self. That often includes finding some men’s aviator sunglasses, as you need to properly match these stylish shades.

Maybe you’re the outdoorsy type that doesn’t want anything showy. Or maybe you’re about to peel off on your motorbike for the next road trip with your friends. Maybe you’re a student trying to make an impression or a hipster about to go to town at that new exhibition.

For the rest of us, what’s wrong with spending a little time on ourselves so everyone knows we’re not just a dad, but a cool dad?

No matter your personal style, make sure that whatever you throw on is clean, fitted, and ready to roll. Luckily there are men’s aviator sunglasses and they can be a great go-to. They fit with nearly any style, so long as you don’t look like a college dorm bum on laundry day.

Hang your shirts before you put them on, we’re not your mother but you should know this, Caril! You don’t need to spend forever in front of a mirror to be confident when heading out the door.

What you wear is important, but we have aviators for men for a good reason. Go ahead and put on your new pair of aviators. However, you have to think about how you want to wear them.

Are they going to be a regular part of your week, or are you going to be whipping them out to show that extra spark to your step? Then there are all the different styles the aviators themselves can come in.

What to consider when buying a pair of men’s aviator sunglasses?

While they may be an evergreen slice of menswear, aviators aren’t a one size fits all thing. You can’t just throw on and not think about it. That’s how someone looks like a slob. Don’t be a slob, and figure out the kinds of aviators sunglasses for men that make the most sense for you. Think about what matches your vibe that you want to be giving every time you step out your door.

The soul of a pair of sunglasses are the frames, which goes without saying. While the set shape of the aviator is what sets it apart from the crowd, the color and opaqueness speak volumes. They show who you want to present yourself to be. Black is the go-to shade, for obvious reasons. It not only gives you a masculine look, but it also protects your eyes. It also lets you see other colors as they are, as compared to when you swap out for a colored pair.

The gold-framed, pink-lensed glasses toted by Elvis back in the day nearly put aviators in their grave. However, Tom Cruise brought back their manly credentials in Top Gun. That said, a bit of color won’t necessarily do you wrong. Plus, they help you stand out from the crowd. Blue lenses have the luck of going with a lot of different smart and casual men’s styles.

Then there are the rims to think about. Think about a bit of gold lining. This might be a bit intimidating but, when you carry the right swagger, they show your stuff to everyone around you. Trust us, everyone’s going to be noticing. You can also think about plastic frames if you want to bring out your inner intellectual. Maybe even reflective lenses to give you a classic, movie star vibe.

Remember, some of the greatest men in history have been versatile, Renaissance men. They didn’t confine themselves to one domain or image. Neither should you if we’re being honest. A couple, diverse pairs of aviators for men can truly make a day or night something special.

What are the best Aviator Sunglasses brands?

Thinking about the brand is the next decisive step. There isn’t any shortage of choices out there. From the corner store brand that fits in a tight spot to major labels like Ray-Ban, the market’s flooded with options including from fashion houses such as Gucci. It can make any man’s day a headache to try to figure out what’s what.

One of the biggest pros to thinking about going with a lesser known brand is that you won’t be forking out major dollar signs on your new pair of aviators. When you look at what’s out there, some of the pricier models can get ridiculously pricey.

Plus, you might be wanting to use your glasses on a daily basis and it can be so easy to misplace or break some sunglasses. I mean, who hasn’t sat on a pair of sunglasses before? Am I right? So going with a cheaper brand can be exactly what you’re looking for, but they may not have the class and style that a pair of Tom Ford’s will have.

Maybe you don’t want to be seen as a cheapskate, or you’re heading to an event where you need to make an impression. In that case, classic brands like Ray-Ban are a quick way to show professionalism, masculinity, and style. Plus, being able to spend a bit more money is a way to reward yourself for a job well done, and who doesn’t need to be treated every once in a while?

That, and going to the best brands is the best way you’ll ensure you’re getting a quality product. If you don’t recognize the name, you won’t know if you’re getting a quality pair. Maybe you’re getting a piece of junk that’s going to break or sit on your shelf unused. Figure out what it is you’re wanting to go for and then make your choice based on that. Nothing is worse than an impulse buy you’re going to regret later on.

Will aviators suit my head and face shape?

This is a question that plagues any man when heading into a clothing store is simple. Can I just get the first thing I see and then hope for the best? Thanks to this lazy approach to style and grooming, we have a generation of lumpy looking men who look like something out of their father’s high school yearbook. Seeing if a new pair of men’s aviator sunglasses is going to fit your face goes a long way to feeling confident when you wear them. Who would want to put something on if it makes them feel insecure, anyway?

While every man is different, did you know that most of our faces can be pinned down to a couple different shape categories? One of the most popular shapes is a square, with a set jaw and broad cheekbones. Aviators for men are great because they round out your features and provide a contrast. A slightly wider set of aviators are great to add definition to guys with round faces. Thicker frames do a lot to add depth to thinner, longer faces.

While these are all tips and tricks that might help you show off your features in any situation, the charisma you get by pulling off a quality pair of aviators is the real prize here. Being aware of how to work with what you’ve got is one thing, but worrying too much about shape and size is only going to decrease your confidence in public. This is the last thing a pair of glasses should do. So it back, relax, do a bit of homework. Know that you’re going to be coming out strong.

On second thought, why don’t you let us do the legwork for you? Here are our top ten aviator sunglasses for men in 2018.

1) Tom Ford Ronnie Square Aviator Sunglasses For Men

Tom Ford is one of the best-dressed men on the planet. Clearly, he should know a thing or two about what looks good on your face. No list of aviator sunglasses that men could be complete without including the work of this global figure. Sleek, masculine, versatile, it’s a perfect mix of classic and modern to help you bring your swagger to the game.

The Tom Ford 439 Ronnie Sunglasses have a square-cut lens and a modern, double bridge shape. You won’t be leaving home without at least one person noting you as a man of the world. Tom Ford gear is some of the most recognizable on the planet. It is the perfect blend of practicality and high style.

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2) Tom Ford Charles Sunglasses

Another entry from Tom Ford that’s sure to be a looker. The trendy Charles sunglasses have a metal frame but are more lightweight than the Ronnie above. They have customizable options that you can mix and match to fit your individual style. Of course, you can pick a classic color and pick up on decades of solid tradition.

We recommend the 772 shiny rose gold option with a gradient brown lens, which adds a touch of sophistication while hearkening back to a fuller, woodsier life. Who says you have to choose the city or the outdoors?

With Tom Ford Charles lenses, you can be living the high (or high-rise) life while toting an earthier vibe that sets you out from the pack. Truly Ford knows how to get it done, especially with aviator sunglasses for men.

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3) LUENX Men’s Aviator Sunglasses Polarized

Stepping back from the major league brands, underdog upstarts like LUENX are making sure that the everyday man gets his share of accessible, stylish eyewear. However, it’s not enough to be making great, affordable aviator sunglasses for men. LUENX wants you to know what goes into their products and frames.

They use antioxidant plating, making sure all of their products aren’t going to be irritable for your skin. Being anti-allergy is a must to them.

Same goes for their environmentally conscious nose pads, just right for the nature appreciator in every man. With polarized lenses that filter and block glare, this is a pair designed for making your mark in the outdoors. Fishing on the river or skiing down an Aspen mountain, this is a lens that’s perfectly calibrated to keep out distracting kinds of light.

These aviator sunglasses for men manages to do this by filtering out glare without tampering with your sense of light and color. Pretty cool, eh?

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4) J+S Premium Military Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Drawing on the military history that shot aviators into superstardom back in the day, these J+S evoke a rugged, disciplined time. They help to bring it back into the modern world. With UVA and UVB-blocking lenses with a polarized makeup, they’re perfect for taking outside. This is especially true for getting ready for your next sporting adventure.

While marketed as a unisex make, its larger frame means we have proper aviator sunglasses for men in this frame. With its classic look, it can be mixed with any number of styles. It will end up being a staple in the wardrobe of any modern man.

Plus if you’re looking to make a gift of it, it comes ready to be gift packaged and given to the active family member or friend in your life.

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5) O-LET Aviator Sunglasses for Men UV400 Glass Lens

O-Let is the new kids on the block. Appearing seemingly out of nowhere, they’ve started making a splash. They have been included on many lists showing how these are the perfect aviator sunglasses for men in many ways. A cost-effective alternative to the luxury brands on this list, O-Let wants to bring aviators to the people.

They put their full weight behind this mission with their impressive customization options.

While most brands release a take-it-or-leave-it product, O-Let wants to make sure you’ve got the exact thing you’re looking for. They offer customizable sizes to the wide range of frames/lenses available on their Amazon listing. This brand earns the attention it’s been getting when shopping around for aviator sunglasses for men.

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6) Gucci Pilot Sunglasses Lens Category 3

Going back to the classics, these pilot sunglasses are fresh from the studios at Gucci. While you might sooner associate a bag with this brand than a nice pair of aviator sunglasses for men, just hear us out. There’s nothing ostentatious about this simple design.

Using the tones that are Gucci’s signature, they give off a vibe of sophistication while never going overboard. With hints of gold lining on the sides of the frame, this is the ultimate look when it comes to letting everyone know who’s the big man on campus. Or the office.

With a composite frame and set of lenses set into a durable plastic form, this is a looker that’s straight up worth every cent. These aviator sunglasses for men are surprisingly best worn indoors, preferably at the next swanky function you may or may not have been invited to. Show up in style anyway.

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7) Gucci Men’s Sunglasses 59mm

Another entry from Gucci, these Aviator sunglasses for men have a quirky frame that’s sure to be a looker. We have a trendy, flat frame that would be the pride of any hipster’s hand-varnish.

This old-grain dresser shelf (converted from heritage furniture) is built for the urban man of taste.

This pair is perfect for heading to the latest album launch or planning the next big startup. Defined by a webby insert of grosgrain, this is one set of aviator sunglasses for men you’re going to be pulling out on a regular basis.

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8) Gucci 61 Gold/Grey Sunglasses

Gucci’s been one of those brands that have balanced out its superstar status while sticking true to their day-one philosophy. They bring their best to this pair, a set of unisex gold- and grey-framed aviator sunglasses that more than is clearly earning the brand more global recognition.

It is a modern optical design, and they offer outstanding customer service. Thankfully, they have superior craftsmanship, and a fantastic warranty to boot. You can reach for a pair of these aviators knowing that you’re getting the full weight of decades of tradition behind you.

These lenses are made from state-of-the-art, durable materials that make their signature style subtle yet unforgettable. This isn’t your little brother’s gear. Rather, these are some of the best aviator sunglasses for men that you can find. They are a worldwide provider of luxury wear for a reason.

With impact- and scratch-resistant lenses that can be made to fit your prescription, the Gucci 61 redefines men’s style. They have truly changed the game for good.

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9) Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal Unisex Sunglasses

Of course, no list of aviator sunglasses for men would be complete without listing the brand that started the craze in the first place: Ray-Ban. Associated with power and style worldwide, this iconic provider has been a go-to for movers and shakers for decades.

Ray-Ban’s aviators for men have marked an era in celebrating adventure, risk, and hitting the road going God knows where.

What we’re looking at above is the original model. It was inspired by the inter-war era and has a lasting power well into our day. With clear metal tips and comfortable nose pads, this is a tried, tested and true model that’s worth getting excited over. Odds are whenever you’ll see a pair of Ray-Bans popping up in the media.

Whether it’s a classic Hollywood film or some Katy Perry clip, you’re going to be looking at one of these.

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10) Ray-Ban Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Another iconic entry from Ray-Ban, updated to a sleek design for the modern era. With a broad set of customizable lenses, there’s enough choice here to fit any man’s personal style. With a meticulous sense of taste, this polarized pair of shades protects your eyes when you’re on the go.

No matter if you’re driving or out on the lake, these aviator sunglasses for men are perfect.

There’s a long tradition of excellence with a forward-reaching view with Ray-Ban. They have made a terrific pair of aviator sunglasses for men that guys will be proud to call their own.

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A Flying Finish…

No matter your style choices or the shape of your face, there’s a solid pair of shades waiting for you. There’s no difference whether you’re heading out to the bar, to the lake, or to the nearest ski slopes. Clearly, having a pair of aviator sunglasses for men helps you go out in style. Every time.

Persol Tailoring Edition Sunglasses

Since 1917, Italian eyewear brand Persol has been making technically advanced glasses, designed to satisfy the demands of pilots, sports drivers, and regular Joes like us who appreciate comfort, protection, and optimum vision. Their new PO3199S Sunglasses are a new take on the Tailoring Edition that mixes time-honored Persol aesthetics with a contemporary edge.

The eye-catching shades feature a modern flair thanks to their blue crystal flat lenses, while expressive brows made of iconic acetate Havana and a metal bridge highlight the strong-personality squared shape.

Perfect for rocking a classic Mediterranean look, these elegant sunglasses can be bought exclusively online via Persol’s e-store and can be engraved with your monogram for an extra $20.

Buy From Persol $350

Dom Vetro SS18 Sunglasses

Dom Vetro, the first eyewear manufacturer in the history of Los Angeles (established in 2016), has just unveiled the SS18 collection–a line of gorgeous classic shades, entirely handmade in the Southern Californian city.

Mixing fine craftsmanship learned from “Maestri” in the Italian Alps with premium raw materials such as the acetates and polarized glass crystal lenses (also from Italy), the refined eyewear offers “a bespoke alternative to other commonly known, mass-produced brands.” Available in different timeless flavors.

Buy From Don Vetro $295

Sunski SEACLIFFS Sunglasses

Coming from the makers of “comfy sunglasses that fit like a glove and won’t slide around when you’re doing fun stuff,” the Sunski SEACLIFFS are the most lightweight and versatile style of shades you can rock this summer, without breaking the bank in the process.

Combining timeless design with quality materials, the elegant SEACLIFFS feature polarized glare-reducing lenses with UVA/B/400 protection, hand-polished polycarbonate frames, and five-spoke durable hinges. When you buy a pair, you also support the environment, as Sunski donates 1% of their annual revenue to Save the Waves and Leave no Trace. Made in San Francisco, California, USA.

Buy From Huckberry $55

Messyweekend Sunglasses

Danish startup MessyWeekend is looking to disrupt the global eyewear market, offering designer-quality shades at a quarter of the price big brands usually charge. Manufactured in the same Asian factories used by renowned Italian and American companies, Messyweekend’s Sunglasses promise to give you bang for your buck.

Available in 4 different models, in 19 daring color combinations, the shades are made of Swiss TR90 – a super resistant and durable, yet light as a feather thermoplastic material which also happens to be flexible, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally sitting on them. Each pair comes with free worldwide shipping making these cool shades even more of a steal.

Preorder From Kickstarter $30