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‘NASA: Past and Present Dreams of the Future’ Coffee Table Book

When future renowned photographer Benedict Redgrove was just 11 years old he watched the launched of the first Atlantis shuttle mission in 1981, and that “started my obsession with space and NASA. Seeing Atlantis was…

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This Could Be the Most Beautiful Ping Pong Table Ever

Created by Italy’s Adriano Design studio together Milan-based bespoke luxury gaming table manufacturer Impatia, the Lungolinea wood edition table tennis table is a fine specimen of functional furniture design. It features Ash legs with a walnut finish, custom made stainless steel hardware, an Alcantara net, and a thick beveled-glass playing surface.

Iglucraft’s Pre-Fab Hobbit Houses Blend Into Nature

Handcrafted entirely from natural materials, the huts, cabins, and Finnish-style saunas built by Iglucraft are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, perfect for a turnkey guest house or wilderness hideout. The cabins are assembled in place and delivered complete & ready-to-go. They can be lifted by forklift and moved to position or by crane & dropped directly into place.

A Little Sense Will Make You More Efficient & Informed

If more data is what you need in your life, get Sense. It’s a simple little device that installs in your home’s electrical panel to provide insight into your energy use and home activity through its iOS, Android, and web apps. See how much electricity you’re using, what time the kids got home, or when a basement light comes on. It identifies patterns in your energy use to help you become more efficient & informed.

August Upgrades Their Smart Security Doorbell with a Killer Camera

The battery-powered smart security doorbell from August monitors your home’s entry with a 1440p camera and streams the hi-resolution footage directly to your mobile device with instant motion notifications, camera-zoom, and a variety of cloud storage options. The micro-USB rechargeable battery makes for easy, wireless installation. Available March 28.

This Multi-Function Countertop Cooker Does It All

There’s not a lot you can’t make in Wolf Gourmet’s Multi-Function Countertop Cooker. This premium, space-saving appliance works as a slow cooker, rice cooker, Dutch oven, and even does sous vide. It features easy-to-clean stainless steel construction and measuring 17 by 12 inches, it won’t take up a lot of counter space.

OGarden Makes Growing Your Own Easier Than Ever

The innovative OGarden Smart system aims to make at-home, and more specifically in-home gardening easier and more efficient than ever. Powered by low energy LEDs that simulate sunshine, this self-contained, automated hydroponic garden can grow up to 90 different fruits and veggies at once. Automatic watering and lighting, year-round yields, and a beautiful design make this an awesome option for experienced green thumbs and aspiring growers alike. A funded Kickstarter.

This Clean, Clever Rack Keeps Your Bike Up Out Of The Way

For riders who keep their bike in their living space, the vertical wall rack from Artifox will blend in nicely with your decor. Constructed from solid hardwood and powder coated steel, it features a unique, self-leveling mounting system that works on all surfaces and stays hidden with a cleverly placed magnet. Available in Walnut & White Oak.

BenQ Has a Desk Lamp for Your Screen-Fatigued Eyes

If you’re like us and spend long hours staring at screens, your eyes are likely being further irritated by the added glare of traditional office and task lighting. Enter the DesBenQ Silver Genie e-Reading light, a light that was specially developed for use with monitors, Kindles, tablets, and other devices, to eliminate glare while providing an adjustable range of brightness and warmth to suit your needs. It can easily be switched from warm tones for casual reading, to cooler tones for concentration and work.

Savor the Scent of Gravy with this KFC Candle

Aromatherapy is all about using scents to enhance your mood & mindstate. So just imagine how good you’ll feel when you can bring the rich, savory scent of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s homestyle gravy into your home without any of the MSG or diglycerides! With the KFC Gravy Scented Candle you can enjoy that meaty, familiar fragrance any time. Only 230 of these candles to be given out.  Enter the contest to win.

This Jeff Bezos-backed Security Cam Scares Crooks

Unlike smart home tech designed to blend into the background, the creators of the Deep Sentinel smart home security camera say this thing was designed to look intimidating. From its shelled logo to the glowing red LED ring that surrounds the speaker, this thing is supposed look mean, not nice. It’s got motion detection, night vision, AI learning technology & all the other features you’d expect. A cloud-based surveillance service is available by subscription.

Warmth, Ambiance, & No Clean-Up

For camping, RV travels, tailgating, beach parties, and evenings in the backyard, this propane-powered fire pit from Cypress Outdoor heats things up nicely without having to deal with firewood, smoke, & ash. It is 21-inches in diameter and kicks out a bun-warming 58K BTUs. Comes with a cover and carry kit.

Your Drinks Deserve Ice This Nice

Because it’s made of soft, flexible silicone, the ice cubes pop right out of this travel ice tray from Peak. It’s BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and features a protective lid for keeping freezer burn out. It makes 12 cubes at a time—perfect for a round of cocktails anytime, anywhere. Available in a variety of colors and available singly or in sets of 2 or 4.

Drink Up the Holiday Cheer with Smirnoff Ornaments

Getting a Christmas ornament as a gift is usually right up there with that sweater from your aunt. Not this year. Smirnoff figured it out. They filled their festive holiday baubles with vodka. Each of the 6 different designs is filled with 750 milliliters of the brand’s triple-distilled No. 21 vodka. The ideal elixir for quality time with the family. Celebrate responsibly, LOL. Available wherever Smirnoff is sold.

This Laser-Cut Moon Puzzle is as Limitless as Space Itself

Made of laser-cut birch plywood, the Moon Puzzle is a never-ending, tiling jigsaw puzzle with no edges so you can assemble in infinite ways. Within the 186 pieces there are 3 special puzzle pieces shaped like an astronaut, space shuttle, and a lunar lander. Once assembled, the puzzle shows the moon’s actual surface, based on an icosahedral projection.

Everyone Needs a Heated Ice Cream Scoop

Just when you’re sure you’ve got every imaginable kitchen utensil stashed somewhere in your sea of drawers & cabinets, there’s this: SVANKi, the heated ice cream scoop. Press the button, it heats up. Then, you scoop a perfect scoop. Or 6. Or whatever you need. Cuts like a hot knife through butter. It stores in a wireless charging base, so it’s always ready to deploy when that Mint Chocolate Chip comes out of the freezer rock hard. A funded Kickstarter.

Keurig Introduces K-Café Cappuccino Maker

Keurig has made their virtually effortless K-cup system into a household name around the world. Now they’re stepping up their caffeinated offerings with the introduction of K-Café, a countertop cappuccino and latté machine that’s every bit as easy. It uses the same coffee pods to make your cappuccino and features an on-board milk frother. The water tank holds 60-ounces of water and it can also make regular 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-ounce cups of coffee. For cappuccino drinkers who don’t want to deal with a real machine, this is a great alternative.

Your Wood Cutting Board Doesn’t Bend Like This

Made in Wisconsin with wood sourced from North Carolina, woodNflex is a flexible cutting board that pairs the familiar feel of a real wood cutting surface with a silicone backing that lends grip and makes things a little bendy too, allowing you to transfer and pour ingredients. It also acts as a protective, low-profile cutting surface for your countertop that is lightweight and super thin, so clean-up and storing it is easy.