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Experience Easy Maintenance With The CRKT Raikiri Pocket Knife

In times when you encounter a task that needs a reliable blade, it pays to have a quality EDC tool on hand. Conventional pocket knives are perfect gadgets to bring with you as long as it doesn’t violate any regulations. They normally get the job done in pinch, but some models might be difficult to maintain over time. This is exactly where the CRKT Raikiri shines above the rest with its field strip technology to make maintenance a breeze.

Columbia River Knife & Tool presents a compact and rugged knife with a bit of Japanese pedigree behind its construction. Hailing from Seki, Japan, Dew Hara draws upon what he learned from Koji Hara, his father, and globally-renowned designer. The blade gets its name from a legendary sword from Japanese folklore that supposedly sliced a bolt of lightning in half. Now, who doesn’t what to own an EDC knife with an awesome background story?

You have a 3.76-inch stainless steel Wharncliffe blade with a compact flipper and satin finish that sits between two cold-forged aluminum handles. With an overall length of 8.94 inches when open, it measures 5.11 inches upon closing with a low-profile pocket clip to keep it securely in place. Don’t let its 5-ounce weight fool you because this is one durable EDC.

The field strip technology of the CRKT Raikiri lets you easily disassemble everything with minimal effort. This allows you to keep its components in tip-top shape in case the need arises. You can grab one for $99.99 and be ready to cut stuff up just like a samurai.

Images courtesy of CRKT

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Omni Blade Pocket Knife

The Omni Blade pocket knife promises to give you the strength of a samurai sword in a 4cm-thick blade that you can effortlessly bring with you wherever you go. Its maker, Hribarcain, assures by its durability and toughness.

Hribarcain calls his invention as the “world’s smallest and sharpest” pocket knife because it’s made from the same Damascus steel used to forge the legendary katana. This means the blade stays up to five times sharper than the normal stainless steel blade.

This makes the knife the perfect tool for any cutting situation because it doesn’t easily break or bend. You can use it in opening heavy-duty boxes and cans, cutting ropes or other thick materials, and even in carving wood. The blade remains strong and sturdy.

The knife uses a push-release method to unlock the blade and it folds back again after use. Its open face blade design displays the Damascus steel at all times, even when not in use.

The Omni Blade pocket knife is water resistant and scratch resistant. Its frame is made from aircraft grade aluminum, making it lightweight and durable. It’s a neat-looking tool with its robust design and compact size, which makes it portable to carry around in your pocket or wallet or hang with your keys through its integrated key loop, which also functions as a bottle opener.

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Photos Courtesy of Hribarcain

HEAdesigns EQ V2 Ti Pocket Knife

You know it’s always prudent to be prepared in case something unexpected comes up. Which is why it’s important to always have gear that can help you from a survival standpoint. You might need something to slice or cut whatever stuff that comes your way (food most likely). That’s why we love the HEAdesigns EQ V2 Ti knife—a reliable pocket tool that can likely help when you’re in a pinch.

We agree that the unusual choice of colors makes it difficult to take seriously, but if past experiences taught us one thing—what matters is durability and performance—looks are just secondary. Don’t take it the wrong way, the knife comes in shades that are unconventional yet attractive at the same time. However, those who’ve handled previous models from the brand know that it’s more than just eye-candy

The 3.5-inch blade is forged from M390 steel—recognized for its corrosion-resistance and strength. You will also notice that the flipper tab on this new model is much smaller than its predecessor. This is supposedly in line with the smaller profile intended by the manufacturer. The two-tone finish on the blade is a remarkable feature that likewise gives it an interesting profile.

Its handle is perfectly crafted from 6A/4V aircraft-grade titanium that’s at its widest closest to the bolster and tapers down to a rounded point. The sleek form of the frame seamlessly houses the shape of the blade. The compact assembly measures only 4.9-inch long and 1.1-inch wide when closed. A total of four colors are available with matching accents on the pivot, clip, and rivets.

HEAdesigns EQ V2 Ti is a limited production run with only 150 units crafted for each version and cost $349 to own one.

HEADesigns EQ V2 Ti

Photos courtesy of HEAdesigns

Urban EDC Supply X James Brand Elko Knife

Collaborations between brands are hit-and-miss affairs. The Covergirl and Star Wars mashup? An atrocity. But Nike and Apple’s partnership? Genius. We’d wager this new collaboration between Urban EDC Supply and The James Brand is a hit.

Both companies just got hitched to give us the Elko Knife, an eye-catching and functional reinvention of the everyday pocket knife. It sports an unapologetically minimalistic design with one particular highlight: the handles, which are wrapped in green Micarta scales. Urban EDC Supply and The James Brand have given us a striking balance between sleekness and ruggedness, best exemplified by the svelte blade complementing the brutal, pedestrian feel of the handle.

The Elko Knife is small enough to go unnoticed even when you add it to your keychain with the rest of your baubles, but this thing packs a wallop despite its size. There’s a 1.74-inch blade can pretty much handle everyday cutting tasks, yes, but the Elko package also boasts an all-around pry tool, a screwdriver, and a bottle opener — basically everything you ever need, and nothing you don’t.

What really sets it apart, though, is the fact that the Micarta scales are virtually indestructible, offering optimum robustness in such a tiny package. The knife also implements a non-locking mechanism, which adds to its overall versatility, making it suitable for all kinds of situations.

Amazingly, this thing costs just a cool $75, which is an amazing bargain for what you’re getting. Anyone seeking to add a an everyday carry essential should seriously consider what Urban EDC Supply and The James Brand have come up with. This collaboration hits all ticks all the boxes: aesthetics, versatility, and function.


Photos courtesy of Urban EDC Supply

Opinel N°08 Black Oak Pocket Knife

When people talk about France, the country might be immediately associated with romance and excellent cuisine. Nevertheless, a manufacturer that has been around since 1890 begs to differ. Opinel, a French company that is known for their quality pocket knives introduces the N°08 Black Oak. At a glance, it continues the traditional design that makes the brand recognizable with its folding blades paired to a wooden handle.

To make sure that the blade stays securely in place, the pocket knife uses a Virobloc twistlock (a safety mechanism that was invented by Marcel Opinel in 1955) that holds it in place when the business end is folded in or when it’s drawn out.

As a mark of quality, you can be sure that the N°08 only settles only for the best with its Swedish-made stainless steel components. To be specific, the metal selected during the forging process is Sandvik 12C27, which touts excellent corrosion-resistance courtesy of the added chromium and maintains its sharp cutting edge thanks to the additional carbon.

Both the blade and the locking apparatus are given a matte black surface treatment. This noticeably gives it an elegant appearance alongside its handle, which, given its namesake, is made from oak wood taken from French forests.

The blade carries a Yatagan design and measures 8.5 cm, while the handle is coated with a colorless varnish that allows it to brandish the intricate patterns featured by the type of wood. We agree that everything comes together to make the Opinel N°08 Black Oak a worthwhile pocket knife to have in your collection.

Opinel N°08 Black Oak

Photo courtesy of Opinel