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The Kershaw Pub

The new knife by Kershaw is not just a knife, it is a state-of-the-art multitool as well. It has a unique design that directs your attention to the knife element first before it hits you that you are not just looking at a knife, but so much more.

The Kershaw Pub blade is quite remarkable. The blade has a rustic stone-wash feel about it which gives off a timeless beauty. Once you stop admiring its blade and turn your attention to the opposite end of the multitool, you will see a subtle bottle opener and a screwdriver. Kind of the perfect guys’ weekend adventure tool. Take on the elements during the day and crack a few beers at night, all with one tool.

The blade is complemented by a loop at the polar end which is concealed under the sheath while the blade is active. When closed however, the loop makes for a useful carabiner clip – is this the climber’s perfect multitool? It might just be!

The blade handle is manufactured with a type of finish using anodized aluminum and a choice of black or blue colors. For the enthusiasts, there is also a carbon-fiber edition. Even though the name suggests this multitool was made for a trip to your local boozer or a BBQ, there is no reason why you can’t rely on it if you take it to the mountains.


EverRatchet Keychain Multitool

Touted as the world’s first ratchet keychain multitool, the EverRatchet features a dynamic beam that lets you crank continuously, instead of lifting and resetting the device after each turn.

The tiny clever tool comes in your choice of stainless steel or titanium and packs 20 tools, including a 1/4″ ratchet, a box & bottle opener, scraper, flathead screwdriver, 7 static wrenches, imperial & metric rulers, wire stripper, and 30° & 45° protractors. A #2 Philips bit and fire flint are also included, both kept in place inside the tool’s frame with two removable bands.

Preorder from Indiegogo $16

DELTA 7 EDC Multi-Tool

DELTA 7 is a new EDC multi-tool that manages to stand out from the crowd thanks to its cool looks and loads of functionality packed inside a travel-friendly body.

Designed to complement your folding knife, saving it from tons of unintended usage, the durable and lightweight DELTA 7 includes a pry tool, seven closed end wrenches (8mm to 14mm bolt head sizes), glass breaker, and bottle opener.

Complete with a pocket clip, the multi-tool is made from grade 5 Titanium and tumbled polished in a three-stage finish, then coated in an aluminum coating for a dark grey to black finish that’s as sleek as it gets.

Buy From Liodesign $88

COMBAR Heavy-Duty Multi-Tool

Built to handle your essential needs when you’re out in the wild wilderness (!), the COMBAR is a heavy-duty multi-tool that saves you space and can be easily hauled. Created by ex-special operations veterans.

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium, this versatile and rugged tool is virtually indestructible. It weighs in at 2.8 lb and combines a patterned hammer, an axe that splits and chops amazingly well, and a spade that’s handy for common field-work tasks such as forming rain ditches & firepits or digging out vehicles’ wheels.

The COMBAR is fitted with solid mechanisms that let you switch tools effortlessly, while the skeletonized handle serves as a compartment for other items. Available in a basic version & a PRO model that adds an extra saw and knife into the hollow handle.

Preorder From Kickstarter $340

FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool

Before tackling the outdoors, you need the right tools in your bag and the lighter & more compact they are, the better. Built incredibly tough with lots of functionality and weighing only 1.2lb, FiveJoy’s Compact Military Folding Shovel is a serious multitool to include in your hiking and backpacking gear.

Forged from 420 high carbon steel (primarily used for making knives and axes), the rust/water resistant shovel features a screw locking mechanism that allows it to be used at 40°, 90° or 180° angles as either a hook, hoe or shovel. The versatile survival tool has a sharp axe blade, serrated saw edge & hammer edge.

By unscrewing the connecting tubes you get access to a hidden rescue knife and saw, emergency whistle, bottle opener, and magnesium fire starter. You also get some paracord – another essential for any outdoor shenanigans.

Buy From Amazon $49

Kershaw Ration Multi-Tool

A very compact and solid spork, the Kershaw Ration Multi-Tool is a must-have for anyone who enjoys camping, hiking, and backpacking and anyone eating meals on the go.

The tool is made from 3Cr13MoV stainless steel and coated with a matte bead-blasted finish that makes for a lightweight, corrosion-resistant eating device that’s built to last. Measuring 4.6″ (11.7 cm) and weighing in at just 1.1 oz. (31.2 g), the Ration combines a generously sized spoon, a fork with long tines, and a bottle opener, while a built-in carabiner allows for convenient clipping and easy access.

Buy From Amazon $6

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